a basketball dream

November 5, 2009
By peyton BRONZE, Springfield, Illinois
peyton BRONZE, Springfield, Illinois
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horses are the ones that leave hoof prints in your hearts and you will mever foget them
LOVE MY LIFE AND THE ONES IN IT!!!!!!! never live a day without someone you cant stop thinking about!!!

My first time ever playing basketball was when I was 5. The feeling was outstanding when I made my first basket. It was a dream to be able to play basketball in middle school and high school basketball team. I figured I would have to practice day and night just to make the team that alone plus just to be able to play when I got to the middle school in 5th grade I was so excited for basketball but once I found out that you can’t play basketball in 5th grade I was crushed I couldn’t believe it. In 6th grade I was ready for tryouts when it was time for tryouts I ended up getting nervous and I thought I was going to hurl. It was all worth it though once I heard that I made the team I shouted with excitement. The day of our first game I was a nervous wreck when it was time to do our worm ups I was shaking everywhere. When we ran out there the crowed was wild. I started the game and it was amazing I did the jump ball and past it to one of my team mates. When I made my first shot of the season I was so excited. When the season was over I was so sad but now I am in 7th grade basketball and the feeling is even better. My grandpa died Sunday October 18, 2009 and when I found out at his funeral that he had always wanted his daughters to play basketball and that he was so proud that I was playing basketball all he wanted was to see one of my games. Although now I know that every game he is watching me and that hopefully he will bring me some of his luck to every game and I can live his basketball dream and every time that i see running horses i think of him for all he's done.

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my grandpa inspired me because he resently past away and wile i was at his visitation a week ago my mom told me that he always wanted me to play and that he always wanteed his daughters to play amd now i know that he will always watch me.

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