If we'd be open minded toward the reassured.

November 1, 2009
And sometimes, maybe the only thing we're ever really certain about is that we're
just uncertain. That some things weren't meant to be figured out, or decided upon.
That the underlying purpose of some things is just meant to keep us curious and
wondering about reaching eventual certainty. But maybe out of the collection of
doubt there is actual assurance with some faith. Just believing in something despite
the overwhelming ambiguity. Instead of acting, if we'd just listen sometimes then just
maybe we'd obtain this longed-for assurance of things. And instead of creating reason,
we'd just patiently wait for the answers to our questions. & Rather than drowning in
uncertainty, we'd be open-minded toward the reassured, for the certain were led by faith
toward the answer. The answer that we're all desperately seeking.

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