Maybe the answer is simpler than the search.

November 1, 2009
By Heather7894 SILVER, Evans, Georgia
Heather7894 SILVER, Evans, Georgia
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We're all searching for something. Maybe it's contentment within ourselves, maybe its sincere
acceptance, maybe its honest happiness. Sort of like a puzzle, we fit the pieces together that
seem to create the vivid picture of who we were individually created to become. Sometimes it
seems to be false hopes; taking one step foward followed by three steps back but everything
has specific reason. That pile of wasted potential left behind; leads to disregard and suffering
from the observers. It always ends up at searching, and maybe we're not meant to search so
hard for who we're meant to be. Maybe the answer is simpler than the search. And so maybe
some people are certain of their purpose from early on, while you think they're just irrational.
In the discontentment and unhappiness, it's seemingly a search. We're all searching for some
thing, and maybe all along you were just meant to be found.

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