Oh, false hopes.

November 1, 2009
By Heather7894 SILVER, Evans, Georgia
Heather7894 SILVER, Evans, Georgia
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To be so determined to obtain something meaningful for so long and then eventually watch it fall apart within a matter of seconds, knowing there's no hope to be spared during the destruction. Keep searching for the hope that ceases to exist, insisting there is some something, a tiny glimpse to be found in the rubble of the tragic incident. Reflections say you're getting warmer in the search, while you're more than certain that you won't be able to hold on if there's nothing left to hang upon. Reminders appear from every direction as sincere false hopes. Spent all that time keeping focus on something meaningful forcing misery upon as you dug deeper and deeper to locate that something. Reality's a reminder that you silenced the world through your determination and that fate is fate. It's such a shame.

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