Malice in Reality land

November 19, 2009
"To you they are the same. To me they are the same. To you they are evil spirits called Demons, but to me they are fallen angels. Dark angels, no, dark Archangels. They might be evil, but they did not choose it. Under their hard skin is soft, angelic, pure skin of Adonis. They are the only hope when the truth comes, that there is no Messiah, that the God that many believe in is only a figment of their imagination, only some of us will realize this truth, and our stitches from our eyes will be removed, and the real door of our creator will be opened. As the ones who are blind cry and sting their eyes from the salty water, we for once, are not the ones being doubted and hated, we are the ones with smiles on our faces, and are brought up to the heaven this is for us, and one day reincarnate back to a world full of love, acceptance, and respect, instead of this world we live in now, or should I say for now. They are the way they are because we made them that way, and we must realize it."

Satan was an angel of light, an archangel to be exact. He was then thrown down to the underworld, now a fallen angel. His followers fell with him, making his army with revenge. Many people are known as Satan, and some are compared. Some have the label sewn onto their backs if they like it or now. Marilyn Manson for example. Many like to call him like Satan, yes. We label him evil. But, if you think about it, just like Satan, he is disguised in the red blood skin and horns, but if you remember, Satan is still an angel, he is just cursed with ugliness, and reality does not want to realize that truth. The truth of the world. Something has been put in God's place. Look at all the evil in the world, and the God that so many believe in, blame it on us. No, he let it happen. Someone or something has taken over, and God has blinded us with crosses and hope which is not there. Something or someone has been put in God's place, and only some of us have figured this out, eyes now blue, sky blue. Why does Marilyn Manson have to do with this you may wonder. Well, what if he is Satan? Or as I believe, more powerful, what if? Well, just like Lucifer, he is a fallen angel, still with his purity that God has made us blind to see but I have cut the stitches from my eyes and let them open, seeing that Marilyn Manson and Satan are still pure, souls so white that my eyes are now white and tinted blue, as if I were blind, but that is what you think I am, blind. But as you shall hear, is that I am not the only one who is blind, now am I physically. But you, or most of you, are blinded from the inside out, and they will walk pass you, with their dark clothes and pale faces, their evil smiles that do not warm your heart like they do mine, which makes me feel morbid. As they walk by, you will label them with evil and think that smile is an evil plan which is evil plan. But, as I see, my eyes are not blinded, I will see aerials of hope, and I will see the light in this dark apocalypse that shall come. As you look at me with hatred eyes, as you make me cry with your cruel words, make myself mutiliate myself because no one I know can see what I see, their eyes are sewn shut, as mine are healing and seeing, As Marilyn Manson burns a cross, you all scream in terror, as I, not in vain or obscenity, will smile and feel free and safe as death, famine, murder, and all other grim thing things rule the world, as you think that a God is going to pick you up and bring you happiness, and some of us will realize the truth...

He is not coming.

This is story is not trying to prove any religion wrong nor right, this is just a story that is fiction, but sewn deep within the pages are my beliefs, making it somewhat non-fiction in a way. Sorry if you were offended in any way, please don't take anything in here personally. Sorry for misunderstandings if so.

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MinaE said...
Dec. 18, 2010 at 6:17 pm
I'm not religious but if I was I would point out that Manson is probably more virtuous than the Pope and many religious leaders.
Alyce_Warner replied...
Jan. 5, 2011 at 9:42 pm
Thank you for commenting. Thank you for reading! That's very sweet of you to say that about him. Today is his birthday btw.
MinaE replied...
Jan. 6, 2011 at 1:39 am
hehe I know it's on my calendar.
MinaE replied...
Jan. 6, 2011 at 1:49 am
wow, your hobbies and favorites are so similar to mine. And your favorite quote is one of my favorite quotes, though not the one I put up :)
Billy_Grotesk replied...
Jan. 8, 2011 at 8:58 pm
It's just fine. That's cool though. You're also the only one who marks mms b-day on the calender, besides myslef of course.
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