November 1, 2009
By Anonymous

In every person there is another person. A person that is your complete opposite that lurks within you. In most cases you and this person live in harmony, living off each other. They live in the shadow of your essence, dormant until they are awakened. But sometimes your alter-person pushes forward. It’s times like this you find yourself doing the things you never thought you would. You don’t have control over your body any longer. For most people this time lasts only a few minutes, just long enough to say a wrong word or such, and then the other person fades back into the distance, back into hiding. It some cases, you are forced to forever live with them, knowing they’re there, feeling their presence, knowing that at any moment they could take over. Some people call it multi-personalities, others call it crazy but, for me, mine insists I call it Julio.

The author's comments:
I know...it's short.

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