Jaiden Part 2

October 13, 2009
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I inhaled and smelled what the man called nature. The sun was rising from the ground and I proceeded forward on the streets. Its texture was slightly painful to my feet. I kept walking until I reached a large group of other people. They were covered in different variations of clothes with different colors. Colors I've not been taught yet. Many types of food surrounded me. The people poked at them and some took them off the stands, giving the people some sort of object. A thin, green object. Is this what the man called money? A compensation for a service? How am I to live with out money? I do not believe I can live with out this money, am I not prepared? Should I go back? No, I realized that I'm already out and cannot go back. I must experience this part of the world and learn. The people began to stare at me, have they noticed who I am and where I'm from?

One woman walked up to me. “Sir, are you alright?” her voice was different from my own. Her words formed differently than mine and her pronunciation was odd. “Sir?” Her eyebrows tried to connect and reached towards the sky.

“Yes?” I looked at her confused.

“Are you alright?” I did not know how to answer this. What is alright? How do I know what feeling good or bad is.

“No?” I pondered, “I do not feel...good. I'm not comfortable with this atmosphere. This place is...” I could not find a word.

She looked at me concerned, “You feel scared?” I nodded to her. I didn't know what scared meant but I learned to associate it with this feeling. “Oh dear. Honey!” she called to a man, that was larger than any other man I've seen before. “I think we should take this poor boy home.” The man looked at me and looked back at the woman. His stomach grew two sizes and then deflated back, and walked away. The woman's face became scary. Her mouth stretched and I saw her teeth and inside her mouth. “What is something wrong?” I shook my head, that was not something I was curious about. “Well, dear would you like to come home with us?” Home? I get to go to a home? I nodded my head quickly. She took my hand and lead me to her...home. It was white and the color brown. The door was also the color brown. She opened the door and it released a sound that made my body jump. “You alright?” I nodded, though I wasn't alright. The man with the large stomach was glaring down at me. Am I such a despicable person?

The inside of the house was amazing. The furniture varied from so many things. Boards held by sticks with unknown objects placed on them. Still scenes of people and animals hung on the walls. Long chairs with bumps on them. “Dear, you can go sit on the couch and I'll get you a glass of water.” Couch? What is a couch? I peered up at the man with the large stomach.

“What's your name boy?” he growled at me.


“Last name?”

I looked at the floor, “I don't...know.” He looked at me like I was insane. “What is your and the woman's name?”

“I'm Carter and that's my wife, Jill. Where are you from?”

“I'm from...” where am I from? Should I say the big white building? Or from here? “here.”

“Then where's your home?”

“I don't have one.”

“How old are you?”

“I don't know.” I clasped my hands together. I've realized that I'm clueless to who I am. Is Jaiden my name? Why do these people have the same name as my mother and father? Are they my mother and father? There hair isn't black like mine, and their eyes are not black like mine. Where is my home? Do I even have one? Is it the asylum, where I've always lived? How old am I? What do I even really look like? Do I look like the man before me? With a large stomach and thick legs and arms.

“Honey.” the man called out to the woman and she came into the room. “I think we better take 238 back home.” The woman looked up to the man and the woman put on the same scary face as before. But the feeling behind this felt much darker than before.

The man took me by the arms and pinned them tightly behind my back. I began to lift my legs and thrust them towards the woman. Squirming my body in any way that would loosen or release the man's grip. My feet and legs knocked over objects that broke on the ground. A black-red liquid dripped and pooled onto the floor along with the pain surging through my body. Blood was pumping and I felt my body heating up. This feeling overwhelmed me. I couldn't contain it and began to scream. Words of nonsense meaning nothing. No screams for help or anything. Just whatever noises I could form. They tried to keep me from yelling and covered my mouth with their hands, but I gnawed and tore through the flesh on their palms. Drowning in their own blood unable to contain any sense of humanity. My instincts showed themselves as I flailed around the room, my arms still pinned, but all the energy I've kept inside for my life in that building had to come out. I couldn't contain any sort of manner at this time. I felt unsafe and a warning shot into my brain and kept me going. For minutes upon minutes seeming forever though it may have only lasted for a few moments. But it continued, the fighting the resisting, the wanting for change. Is this what the man called an inside revolution? A revolution inside myself? Where I just had to become myself and show the people around me that this is who I am? That I cannot be treated like an animal and that this is what I've become because of them? That what they have done will blow up in their face and that this is what their wrongdoing have done to the people they contain. That I cannot become a human, a person, because of how they have treated me. Are the other people just the same? I will never know. Blood was pouring out of me to the point where my vision became blurred. The woman laid in the corner griping her hand, staring at the open wound, looking at the muscles, tendons, bones, of her hand. She glared at me with chilling eyes. But I did not care. She has done to me what should not be done to someone of her own kind.

The woman ignored her pain for a moment and went into some sort of room inside the board help up with 4 sticks. She brought out a fearful item that contained some sort of substance. One end was pointed and was coming towards me. My instinct was to run away. I squirmed but the energy I had before was gone. She plunged the point into my skin. It hurt and I could feel the liquid rushing through me. I went numb.

As they took me out of their home, there was a glass that showed back what was in front of it. The liquid made my body go numb but I could still see. I looked at the glass, and saw...myself. My hair was not black and neither were my eyes. My hair was brown with a bit of yellow. And my eyes were a light-brown. I was...different. I'm not like these people. My eyes shone a different soul.

I realized then that I have truly won.

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K-T<3 said...
Dec. 9, 2009 at 9:38 pm
people who read this please comment >.< i wanna know if it's good or not ; ;
PrincessAnomalyZane replied...
Jan. 11, 2010 at 6:53 pm
Kitty u done so good! i so love itt!! :3
K-T<3 replied...
Jan. 13, 2010 at 10:25 pm
thanks phe phe, ily <3 XD
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