Dreaming Under The Moon.

October 12, 2009
By Montana Martin BRONZE, Park City, Utah
Montana Martin BRONZE, Park City, Utah
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I sit in my warm bed staring out the window into the darkness beyond the trees of my backyard. The last thing i remember was laying back against my pillow and slowly closing my heavy eye lids.

I open my eyes and I was standing in a field full of bright red yellow leaves and gold-ish green grass. For a moment i was speechless, i couldn’t believe my eyes. Once i thought about where i was and how i got her, i was clueless and scared. My head was spinning trying to find a way back to my room where i remembered being. Without thinking i turn around and start bolting down the hill i was once awing over. I’m running as fast as I can and then forced to a compete halt. I was hit, i was thrown into a huge bolder of some sort. I got my thoughts put back together and stud up. I step back a few paces to see what was in my way. Eyes were glaring, dark brown right in my face. I examine the dark furred, bold body creature until it got to me. The unknown beast that was standing there with me face to face was a wolf. An abnormal wolf, the size was more than big and wider than any regular wolf. We stood there for far to long, holding my breath wasn’t the best idea, though releasing it probably wasn’t either. Right as I was about to crack, maybe some other wolf at the top of the small mountain let out a long high pitched howl, that drew the attention away from me. It’s nose flew up into the air and stayed there for what i thought was 3 seconds. it’s eyes then came strait back to me. For some odd reason I knew that look. I knew what it meant, but the thought never came to me. It made me scared yet i felt that someone, some friend gave me that look once before. He pushed his chest to the ground with his back end and tail sticking strait up, he jolted forward leaping into the air right over my head. I fall to the ground covering myself not knowing what the untamed animal was doing. I look back at it and it was gone, only the little ruffling of the leaves as the get trampled over and the sight of a few falling rocks. I was so relieved then, but afraid that he was going to come back or that there was more. Instead of running the rest of the way i slowly crawled to my feet and walk with a slightly arched back and wide eyes. I carefully made my way out of the trees. I wasn’t free though, then i was standing on a beach. The sun, low reflecting off the water and the sent of tropical waves. I walk along the wet sand until i come upon a large rock. I settle myself down, with no thought of where i am on my mind. While sitting there confused I lower myself down so that I’m sitting on the sand, wrap my arms around my legs and drop my head in between my knees. After an endless moment of tears I lift my head, dry my face and push myself to my feet. I look to my right and see a hill of sand. I work my way up and over the sandy hill and stop as i approach a road. I hesatate but proceed walking anyway. I walked for what seamed like hours. One by one, peaces of the road began to vanish. By no time i was at the end of this masteriouse path i walked.

I sit in my warm bed staring out the window into the brightness of the sun behind the trees of my backyard. The last thing i remember was walking to the end of my dream.

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