The Purple and Blue Pond

October 20, 2009
Her sad gloomy eyes followed the lily pad as it floated back and forth through the stagnant pond. A single tear dropped onto the ground as she stared at her blue feet. Every frog in her family left her because of just one fact, she was blue. All she wanted was to be green; green as the grass she sat in all alone by her little pond. To cheer herself up she plopped on over to a towering daisy, the daisy was bright as the merciless sun, but she had friends all around her and an entire family of daisies. So why couldn’t I have my family wondered the frog? Then again the unwavering depression of loneliness floated like a rain cloud in November, never leaving the little blue frog.
Then she heard “Buzz, Buzz,” and looked up to see a peculiar sight, a purple bee. The bee sniffled and wailed a little bee cry as she sat on the joyous daisy. The blue frog automatically sympathized with the purple bee and head butted the stalk of the daisy until the bee grudgingly flew down to see who was furthering her torment. The blue frog and the purple bee just stared at each other and the blue frog knew they were going to be best friends. Since that moment the purple bee never left the blue frog’s side and the blue frog wanted it no other way. The blue frog was at peace and the rain cloud following her finally lifted up into the sky. After days of play the frog decided on a place where she and the bee should spend the rest of their days together. It was a small shelter under a boulder but from the opening of the tiny caves mouth you could see the pond mirror the sky. Then one night, like any other night the frog awoke by the bee to see a lizard lurking in the distance. Though the bee was still asleep the frog acted swiftly. The frog jumped up and barely rescuing the bee by hiding her in her mouth and jumping up the boulder and out of sight. The lizard ultimately defeated, trotted away in search for easier prey. The bee shook with fright and told the frog it was to dangerous to live by a pond and she had to find a safe hive to live. The little blue frog turned even bluer as tears poured from her face. She watched the purple bee fly away sniffling and once again the blue frog waited for another colorful friend.

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