When Fall Comes Around

October 20, 2009
By Anonymous

I cease to be amazed by the changes in fall. The colors, smells, and the comforts are always a surprise, yet they arrive every year. Stepping outside in the fall is a whirlwind of excitement and changes right before your very own eyes. The green of the grass, leaves, and plants alike has vanished overnight. A new color scheme showers the hillsides of Michigan. Vibrant reds, oranges, and yellows appear in every tree and compliment the bright blue sky left from the lingering summer. Sunsets look thousands of times richer than before the color parade pranced in, bringing sweet smells of maple burning, and apple pies baking with it. The long months of summer dwindle away, as tourists pack their bags with the geese flying south. Corn mazes and pumpkin carving contests appear all over the quaint farms along the countryside. The beautiful colors distract quick passersby’s, making them stop, breath, and take it all in. The weather starts to cool until one day you find you self looking for a coat and storing away your shorts. The air has a sudden crisp to it and for the first time this year, your breath takes shape in the cold. Kitchens fill with the rich savory smells of pork roasts, chilies, and stews while they all marry together as one. More time is spent indoors, comfortable and safe. Family and friends gather in a cozier environment. The days fell minuscule and the nights are so far reaching. Yet you are the same person you were just a few short months ago, before the fall arrived and surprised you. It brought with it all that was forgotten from the year before, just like it promised.

The author's comments:
This is a creative writing entry from my English journal, I love the season fall, and it is such a comforting part of the year for me.

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