the life that never was

October 19, 2009
By Anonymous

As she walks away, the shadows of the different tombstones make it seem like night time.It was mid-November, there were no leaves on the trees. The lims of the trees almost had a blue tint it was so cold. Sophie had a blank look on her face. All emotion was gone. She slid the teal beanie on top of her bonde curly hair. She paused. She looked down and sighed. Then, proceeded on to her mini cooper. As she drove through the streets of a suburb she has never benn to, the memories of her sister flood back into her head. Daisy's laugh and smile. They were more than just sisters, they were best friends. They did everything together, but that was years ago. Sophie moved to New York and became a writer for a soap. Daisy go married and then took care of their parents. Sophie never understood why would you want to waste your life just being at the call of someone else. Sophie got out of that situation the moment she turned eighteen. Daisy would go visit Sophie once a year at her birthday in New York. Sophie never made the trip out. She didnt want to get reeled back in to that life. Not again. Daisy was selfless, Sophie loved and hated that about her. No one ever expected her to die as soon as she did. Sophie stopped at the fork in the road. The route to her normal life or the life that Daisy chose.

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