The Miracle that Happened to Melvin

November 2, 2009
By shootingstar BRONZE, Mosca, Colorado
shootingstar BRONZE, Mosca, Colorado
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One day Melvin was walking down the street looking for a place to have lunch. When an immense flashing sign caught his eye, the sign was pointing to a restaurant with Chinese lettering painted in the windows. After enjoying a cup of hot tea and a large serving of low mien, the waiter brought him his check along with a small little cookie. Melvin thought to himself this is new I almost always receive a mint after a meal but hardly ever a cookie, and what an odd shape this is in well might as well try it not like it will kill me. As Melvin paid for his meal he bit into the cookie and began to choke. With a surprised look on his face Melvin pulled a small piece of paper out of his mouth. Still eyeing the paper he unfolded the fragment and read what was inside. The note said Your time will come when you will be put to the test, find the chance of your life in meeting another. Lucky numbers 25, 42, 55, 74, 86, 109. What an odd prophecy to find inside a cookie, and even more so a way to find it. What could this possibly mean? While Melvin left the restaurant all he could think about was what the cookie said. Could something really come true from a note in a cookie?
Back at work Melvin got word that one of his co-workers went crazy and was standing on top of the roof threatening to jump off of the slim crumbling edge if anyone came near him. Was there anything that Melvin could do could he go and try to talk to his colleague? Would the pain and crazed driven man even listen to him? There was only one way to find out, and if all went as the cookie said then all would be well and he would find the chance of his life. There was no way that Melvin was going to let this chance go by so he bolted to the door a sprinted up the stairs three at a time. In an amazing time Melvin raced up three flights of stairs and stormed through the door. Franticly scanning over the rooftop for his endangered associate, he spotted the white eyed short dark haired woman. Wait? Woman? I thought this was supposed to be a guy? How could she want to end her life she was the pregnant beautiful girl that I had wanted to visit with for the past month, Melvin thought. He knew from the rumors that her boyfriend had left her but why would she not only want to kill herself but the child she was carrying? This was almost too much for Melvin to handle if she jumped he would have to jump after her there was no other way for him.
“Valerie” he almost whispered into the still air. With a gasp Valerie turned and yelled with a shaky voice “Don’t come over here. I’ll jump. I really will.” With a terrified look in her eyes she slowly inched closer to the ledge looking down and back to Melvin franticly. “ Its ok, don’t jump I just had to know if it was really you who was up here, I never would of thought that you would have wanted this to all come to an end” Melvin said as calmly as he could. Maybe if he could just calm her down and convince her to come away from the ledge then maybe, just maybe, she would change her mind. Melvin’s heart raced as Valerie holding her bulging stomach, cradling it as though nothing mattered to her but the child she carried. As Melvin slowly took a steep towards the frightened woman, he spoke to her calmly, cautiously, and gently doing all that he could think of to make her give in and come back to the safety of the center of the roof. That’s when it all happened as Melvin was slowly making his way to Valerie she stepped away from the death defying fall. It was not a sure step but slowly she was moving away from her chance at death. Looking into each others eyes the two closed the now short gap between themselves. Melvin pulled Valerie away from the edge never letting loose of her, terrified that she may turn and run right off of the boundary line between life and death. Right in that single moment is when Melvin realized the fortune came true he was put to the test and in completing the task that was given to him he found the chance that he was looking for and realized that the love of his life had always been right there.

The author's comments:
My teacher asked us to wrirght a short story after reading Macbeth.

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