Worst Birthday Ever

October 14, 2009
By Anonymous

“The enemy arrives. It’s been 10 years today is the day. The day I embarrass Paco.”
“Julio your little friend Paco is here.”
“yo Lil Jul how’s it going Shorty”

“Fine until you showed up” “hey do you remember when we first” “how could I forget with you reminding me all the time.”

“hi my names Paco” “hi my names Julio” “hey you got a nice looking sandwich” “yeah my mommy made it for me, … you want some” (yank) Munch. Chew. Gulp. “Hey that was my sandwich” “oh sorry ill give you mine … oh wait I forgot I ate it on the way here. Don’t worry buddy I got a can full of tuna” “eeew no thanks I don’t like tuna” “I think we’ll be friends forever” “nnnnnnnoooooo!”

Paco said “ guess what I got you for your birthday a can full of tuna just for you” “gee thanks” 30 minutes later Julio said “okay now that every one is here lets get started.” “yeah” “woo hoooo” “yea” “I WILL RULE THE WORLD” “what , huh” Julio said “well any way who wants to hang the piñata” Paco said “I’ll do it buddy” ‘oh no not you” “don’t worry I’ll even do it blind folded so where’s the piñata” “over there dummy” “okay I got it” “no you idiot you hooked my underwear YOOUCH” “time to hit the piñata” Paco said “now where is it (pow, smash, OW TO PERSONAL)” “okay who’s turn is it” said Paco “weah” screeched little Daniel “here you go little man” saPacoooo “bouther go boom boom” said Daniel “no Daniel no aah ouch aaah” screamed Julio (20 guests hitting the piñata later) Paco said” man I cant believe we cant break this piñata oh well lets move on” after Julio eventually got off everyone started the game pin the tail on the donkey. “I’ll go first” yelled Paco After 10 spins Paco said” okay here I go” “wait your facing the wrong way stop stop aaaah help me ooooouch” screamed Julio “who's turn is it” asked Paco “me, me” yelled Daniel. Daniel landed his tail on the donkey’s nose. 20 guest later “and the winner is Daniel” “CAKE TIME” yelled everyone Paco said “here you go Julio you get the first slice” “gee thanks phoo phoo why wont the candles blow out 3 .2 .1 boom aaaagh” cake was found everywhere” Paco yelled “ha ha got you” “Parties over GET OUT” yelled Julio after everyone left Julio said”This is the worst birthday ever.”

The author's comments:
This is one of my short stories

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