Hard Work Pays Off

October 30, 2009
By Anonymous

Once there was a there was a high school senior baseball player who wasen't the best baseball player ever,his dad was really mean he said that he would never become a baseball player. He wanted to show his dad that he had what it took to become a Professional Baseball player. Everyday he was going outside hitting hundreds of baseballs and running miles and sprints. Everyday he was getting better and hid Dad was impressed but he didn't say anything. Today was his first Baseball game of the season and he felt Confident. His first at bat he hit a solid base hit up the middle. The second at bat he hit a laser shot to right-center field for a triple. His last at bat he hit a 3 run homerun winning the game in the last inning. The crowd went crazy. After the game his Dad came up to him and gave him a big hug and said that he was proud of him for working hard. After he was done talking to his Dad a major leauge scout came up to him and asked if he wanted to try out for a spot on the Anihem Angels.He gladly said yes and at the try out he did really good and made the team. He finally relized that hard work pays off and you can get a lifetime reward from it and reach your goals.

The author's comments:
my dad is all ways pushing me to reach my goals because he wants me to succed in life and sports. he inspires me and means alot.

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on Nov. 10 2009 at 7:17 pm
Very honest, and it rings with a passionate fervor of wanting to achieve your dreams, and impress your teachers. Realization. -Daimon

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