Five Senses

October 9, 2009
By *Babygurl22* GOLD, Warsaw, Illinois
*Babygurl22* GOLD, Warsaw, Illinois
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Five Senses!!!!

SOUND: I lay on my bed in my condo listening to music after the ambulance took me home from the terrible crash. Here, for your not confused I will tell you my story. I was out in the ocean surfing on my new board and then all of a sudden BOOM, I was struck by a huge wave. Everybody yelled “Get out of the water!!!” I couldn’t hear them very well, and the next thing I remember, that I was lying in the sand looking up at the sky.

Now, I lay in bed wishing I would have waited until tomorrow to go surfing. But I wanted to try out my new board. Now I can’t surf for five months because I have a lot of broken bones.

SIGHT: I am a Psychologist and I am trying to describe a sunset to a blind man. “Tell me about you emotions.” I said to the man.

"Well I feel sad and angry," the man said. "Well, you should think of your emotions as colors. Like the sun, should be hot red. The rain should be blue and the snow is white. The sky is baby blue," I said to the man. "Now I feel like I can see what the sunset is like. Thank you Doc." the man said.

SMELL: It was Saturday morning and I was laying in my bed I could smell the hot and juicy bacon in the frying pan and pancakes, buttered with maple syrup on the table waiting for my dad to eat it. Then the phone started to ring.

"Hello?" I answered.

"Hey its Shyann. What are you up to?" She said.

"I'm laying in bed and I can smell the hot and juicy bacon in the frying pan and pancakes buttered and covered in maple syrup on the table waiting for my dad to eat them." I said.

"Stop your making me hungry. I haven't ate breakfast yet, were going to McDonald's," said Shyann.

"We need to hang out again sometime," I said to Shyann.

"We really do need to hang out," Shyann said.

"Well hey I want to eat breakfast so call me later," I said.

"All right. Bye Besty, I love you!!!" Shyann said

"Bye. Love you too." I said as I hung up the phone.


My sister and I are making a drink with things like, strawberries, bananas, tomatoes, and last night's leftover meatloaf, raw egg, a cup of milk, and some ice. We play rock-paper-scissors to see who has to try it first and I loose. I take a drink and its not half bad. I tell my sister to try it and she throws up.

" Ha ha. I got you. I didn't even take a drink I fooled you," I said while my sister was vomiting.

"I'm going to get you for that!!!!!!!" She said with an angry look on her face.

She chased me around the kitchen until I fell in the puddle of her vomit. It was disgusting and I felt like I was going to throw up. But then my sister fell in it too and we were laughing and then we cleaned up our mess, took showers and went to bed with aching muscles.


A baby's skin is so soft. It feels like a soft silk blanket that just came out of the dryer. When you hold the baby in your arms and snuggle with it, you feel at peace and you have no worries in the world. Then, the baby falls asleep. You sit there rubbing its skin and it just sleeps away. Then, the baby wakes up. Its as happy as can be. Then, when their mom comes to get them you don't want them to leave. Then when they leave you feel sad and tired. So you go to bed until the next time that you see that precious little angle.

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