My Favorite Place

October 9, 2009
By *Babygurl22* GOLD, Warsaw, Illinois
*Babygurl22* GOLD, Warsaw, Illinois
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I LOVE THE COLOR ORANGE!!!!!!!!!! Love y'all...

My Favorite Place!!!!!!!!

My favorite place to be, is a place in my mind. It is where I can do what I want and there are no adults. In my mind my favorite place has orange trees and blue butterflies. My favorite place has a huge pink house, Blue grass and only the people i like live in my favorite place. In my mind it is the best place in the world. There are little bunnies and squirrels. One time I some how got squirrels in my pants and I wrote a song about it, here it goes.

"The little girl over there has squirrels in her pants. She's rapping this song and she is dancing around like she has sand in her pants and she is flipping out. Now the squirrels are out. So peace out!!!" Did you like my song? I wrote that while I was hopping through the forest and got squirrels in my pants. After that I became a famous singer and I have been rich for the past seven years and my dad has been wealthy since he invented the best vacuum ever. My mom is no in my world. It's just my dad and me. Oh and our dog Zeuke. He is three years old and he is white and black. He used to be my sisters dog but I took him over.

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