Trick or Treat?

October 8, 2009
By MoonsandStars GOLD, Winter Park, Florida
MoonsandStars GOLD, Winter Park, Florida
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I am stronger than most.
I am popular.
My skin is flawless.
I’m best at what I do.
I’m a straight A student.
I’m captain of the cheer team.
Boys love me, but hate me.
I have no love.
Teachers love me, but hate me too.
I know too.
Girls hate me, I just knew.
My smile is sharp.
My smile is irresistible.
I crave for his blood.
It calls and sings to me.
He’s done no wrongs.
He’s taken my place over spring break.
Nothing can stop me.
No person.
No curse.
No element.
No feeling.
Oh, but, so
The boy who I crave might just perhaps love me.
He watches and craves.
Oh so like me.
Just so different.
He wants to be mine.
I want to ruin him.
Oh, how, so I fret.
He is pure, he means no harm.
I’m sorry to say, “I’m not.”
I am cursed.
Oh, so, cursed.
All I feel is:
A curse so much as mine as is yours.
He watches and watches.
Eating me in slowly.
No doubt his plan.
He knows nothing, nothing as to me.
I know eons,
my mind is pure advanced.
He knows not why I squint in the light.
Why I sigh in relief to shade.
Why so many love me.
Why so many fear me.
We are animals, we have senses.
We know of danger.
We know of love.
As he attempts to speak,
I smile in pain and leave.
I leave him standing.
He tries to follow;
girls who hate me leap between me and him.
His sweet smile in my mind turns sad.
He has done wrong.
He will pay for his cruelty.
He shall die quick.
I will glow in triumph with his blood on my hands.
The night will surround my deed.
Students will wonder.
Teachers will fret.
None will suspect me.
I will be free of him.
He will know of my curse.
I might meet him one day.
Just maybe.
But I feel love for this
I feel happy to see him.
I wish to see more.
He feels like I have betrayed him.
As he leaves to his car,
I stop and talk.
He is oh, so happy, but cautious.
I wish him well, but fear for him.
He is only a boy.
They all love me.
What makes him any more special?
While we talk, he leans down and whispers
“You aren’t what you think you are.”
Does he know?
Do you know?
Can he possible mean………?
No, he must not know.
He does not seem scared.
He seems cautious.
What is that?
Sticking out from his shirt?
I point and ask.
He pulls a gold cross to the light.
Not only has that vile thing pierced me,
the light reflects.
I blink hard.
The boy slowly smiles.
He says
“The wind blows, the sun brightens, creatures of the night belong in night.”
Not only has the boy repeated from the Cauldron, he pulls out a fake mask.
October 31.
A laughable concept.
Children running around through the night for candy.
Candy like poison.
Masks like real.
Sugar sweet smiles for the Devil.
The day the Devil walks free of his Kingdom.
The day Lucifer himself comes to play.
He who gave me the curse of the dead.
I snarl against the light.
The boy laughs; we are no more in the light.
The boy laughs again and says
“You are only a fake. No real true-”
He knows!
He knows too much!
He thinks he is clever!
So blind to what they are.
The real killers of horror.
The things all creatures of the night fear.
But a puny human is so easy to rid of.
There are so many, one shall not hurt.
Not when he has disgraced me.
He took my crown!
He took my glory!
He took my humans!
He told lies!
Lies will cost him!
He pulled me from my throne as I slept!
My chest burns at the sight of his cross.
I touch my raised skin.
The mark I shall always carry in pain.
The day of the walking dead.
Oh, yes.
The walking dead.
The boy’s love for me was false.
He smiles so cleverly, so cunningly.
He is a lie!
He must be punished!
My own cross burns and throbs.
I snap at him.
He laughs.
He sidesteps.
My blood boils.
I feel my fury.
My absolute fury.
Shame is what I had to hide.
Finally, I shall accept what I am.
Finally, a wrong mortal shall learn.
Shall pay.
My kind has walked for years.
They were portrayed as the bad child.
Lucifer’s followers.
They shall now see if not for humans
Humans set out to kill us.
Witch hunting
Flowing water
Holy water
Humans see only what they want.
Nothing more
They are nothing.
I stare at the boy in fury.
He begins to change.
Now his eyes are deep blue, instead of bright.
Eerily familiar.
His nose becomes thinker.
I snarl deep in my chest.
Not only has that race died out,
they hunt the very ones that helped them.
The boy formally says
“My name is Nick.”
I snarl
“My name is Kayla.”
Nick smiles, his eyes full of hatred.
But for what?
His blood calls to me.
The mask he held becomes his face.
He is truly a monster now.
He is a werewolf.
He pulls from his shell.

He wants my fight.
He wants to fight.
He wants to fight me.
He shall die.
Enemies since birth.
Son of wolf
Daughter of a bat.
We kill each other
Nothing but fun
We stare with hatred.
My death?
By my soul mate.
His death?
By his soul mate.
We both die from love.
We both swore no love.
We fell in live.
We swore to kill our soul mates.
We’re both still alive.
He haunts me.
I follow him
We are not but circles.
We follow ourselves.
We wish for death.
I am so sorry, my dearest Nick.
We fight till the end.
I will not stop till his blood covers my hands.
He will not stop till I wither in the light.
He is a son of Light
I am a daughter of Night
He laughs and lunges.
My sidestep allows my wing to brush his face.
Dark black wings
He snarls and lashes out
My duck allows him to slice my cheek.
Only a wolf’s claw can pierce a vampire’s skin.
Diamond against diamond.
He lusts for my body.
I lust for his blood.
We are two different pieces.
He will kill me
I will kill him
We will meet.
I bare my fangs.
He sings
“You shall not die in light; I shall not die in dark.”
He means, he won’t allow me to die.
We shall both never die
It is simple
My love keeps me from harming him.
He knows this.
His love keeps him from killing me.
I know this.
We have known all along.
I lunge.
My lips press against his cheek.
Blood fills my mouth.
I am flying backwards
I state only love.
No madness
No hatred
Only love.
Tears I cannot shed come
I cry
“Why this fate?”
My voice is like bells.
Bells form Hell.
Never once have I spoken.
Even when I was human, or playing,
I talked with my hands.
He flinches from my voice.
It was made
I was made
He was born.
I was born a mortal to live only 16 years.
Death awaited my wandering soul.
Death waited in coma.
My body still rests.
My mind now controls.
I have no heartbeat.
My blood is not but water.
I have no blood.
My body shall die, my mind shall live.
My Destiny.
He was born.
His life never ended.
He is so much younger.
He will die old
I shall never die.
Vampires do not die.
Werewolves do not kill.
There is no way I shall die.
There is no way he shall kill.
We were made for each other.
We are each other.
He begins where I leave off.
Our circle of love never stops.
We cannot love without killing.
Halloween shall always be the day we fight.
A total of 364, or 365, days I have not shown my true form.
Now it is demanded.
My love for him shall not die.
He shall not kill.
He lunges again.

I wonder where we are.
A place between space and time.
No doubt.
Only darkness
I quietly say
“I am not afraid of you.”
Nick pauses and asks
I scream
“I am not afraid of you!”
My bells clang around the empty space.
I scream again
“I am not afraid to die.”
I swing blindly.
My wings have me souring
It is unnatural
What I am
We don’t really exist
We are still in the empty space
Never tiring
Lost souls have come to watch
All the lost souls
I am so sorry.
They are so sad
Or so angry
They all have a story to tell
As I dance with my soul mate, I listen.
I am daughter of Lucifer.
We were all meant to live.
We were all meant to survive.
Nick and I are the last.
We too are gone from the world.
We remain in our empty space now filled with lost souls.
No longer do we belong among mortals
We are only make believe.

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