The Last Tulip Petal

September 17, 2009
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My smiled as i lay the flower across the withered grass and leaves. It reminded me of the first day of fall, instead of the last. Winter was hastily spreading across the town. Somehow a single tulip made it through these harsh storms and winds, so when i saw it I plucked it out of the cold ground. The fraying pink flower looked a bit hopeful, which made me smile again.

I thought of how people felt when they saw the lonely but hopeful tulip. Perhaps, I wondered as i pinched off one of the six petals, this very same flower effected a day in someone's life. A young boy walking home from school, flustered with his parents and teachers lectures, felt optimistic for the worst. Maybe when he sees this strong pink flower, he can see hope in what he can do to make his life happier. Now with a smile plastered on his face he can conquer whatever lies ahead.

Possibly a young women chained down with hateful feelings toward her stressful but loving husband feels the need to move on. Maybe if she sights this little piece of faith blowing in the wind she will remember why she loves him, and talk to her beloved one. Would this really save her marriage? I picked off yet another petal.

With only four thin petals I grasped another with thoughts of an old couple challenged with their spouse falling ill. As he smiles and grabs her wrinkled hand, he thinks of good instead of bad. He thinks of that little flower surviving the fall like hopefully his wife will. As she smiles back happy tears run down both of their faces. I release the third pulled petal from my hand.

Three remaining petals still look so beautiful against the gray forest floor. Almost as beautiful as a perfect friendship. Two lovely girls cackle at each others jokes, but also listen and cry at times. At times they get through the tough, but sometime the healing process is longer then suspected. Still, they remain each others second half. Together they admire the tulip, looking friendly to the other wilted ones in the garden.

No one suspects the strength to be so strong with a simple nectar filled plant. Not even the father of a new child, until he realizes the splendor of holding the child. The curious blue eyes with a joyful glance make the father think of all the great things to come for this young creature. It makes him fall to his knee's thinking about the bad, but instead he sees the tulip and realizes nothing bad can happen when his child is embraced by his confident love. Yet another pink petal falls against the earth.

With the last petal I think of all these stories that revolve around this powerful flower. I gingerly pick of the last petal and stuff it into my jeans pocket, and will be there when i need my hope for all my adventures and downfalls to come. With this, I can conquer my depression by seeing the hope contained in this last tulip petal.

The last petal on the flower

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