September 11, 2009
By Anonymous

Do you believe you are ready for this journey? It is journey of life. I cannot take you through it, for I have my own path. Trust is difficult. I am not asking you to trust me, only to read this and understand how life truly is. Love barely exists. You believe what you want, my friend. Continue your journey and take these words as guidance.
You believe in love. Well then, tell me this, my good friend. Why does no one ever stay long enough to do anything but leave a footprint on someone else’s heart? I may be young, but please don’t make the mistake of thinking I am foolish. I have learned many lessons. I have many stories to tell. A man brings harm. He brings temporary happiness. He cuts open your heart and leaves. All you have is the scar. So, my dear friend, I know the truth. I am not saying I could either. I can’t. I come and go just as quickly. If I did not do so, I am afraid you would be able to consider me foolish. I do not fall easily nor do I care about being alone, because love only is a word for two lonely people that agree on their loneliness. When one needs the other most, the love vanishes. I have learned many things. It would be wise to remember where I come from and the love I’ve known. The only true sincere love is from myself. In times when that might now be enough, I can take comfort in the fact that I was not foolish enough to fall under another spell and allow someone else to leave another footprint, another wound, another sad memory. That’s all love is- a sad memory. It cannot last. It cannot exist the way you wish. So if you desire, rely on your search for this great, conquering, everlasting love. My friend, take what I have to say to heart and do call me foolish when you shall be the one on a never -ending search for loneliness.

My dear friend, you say you believe in trust. Would you trust a man that has a gun to your head? Would you believe it could be someone close to you, someone you would never expect? It is true, what they say, you are only hurt most by those closest to you. Is it worth letting them inside your wall in the first place? So my friend, I ask you, can you believe in trust? It is not something that can be seen. It cannot be held. It is much easier to lose trust than to gain it. Why bother? Why subject yourself to more pain, my friend. Haven’t you been through enough at this point? I know I have. I have seen plenty. I feel I know more than I should sometimes. Yet, I find myself yearning to know more. One thing I do know is it is nearly impossible to find anyone trustworthy anymore. Perhaps it never was. I do not know. All I know are the memories I carry with me, the scars from footprints pushing into me, and all that is around me. I know I can only trust myself. Though I may trust myself, my friend, I do not think it wise for you to trust me anymore than you would trust that person to hold a gun to your head.
So my friend, now you know. Love and trust are nearly impossible to come by. There is always that small chance. However, you must ask yourself if the lonely, deceitful journey is worth the cost. Life is no fairytale. You and I both know that. We must take the hand we are given and work from there, but life, my friend, is a journey one must travel alone. Do not let me persuade you one way or the other. Just consider what I have to offer, what I’ve shared with you. Take it to heart and be prepared for everything that comes your way. Whatever comes, trust only what I have to say, that whether you believe or not you will be ready. You, my friend, could perhaps posses more strength than I. If that is true, I cannot tell you. You must find out on your own. I am not asking you to trust me. I am only asking you to read this and let it guide you in this great and difficult life. Good luck, my friend.

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