Survivor's Guilt

September 25, 2009
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Her fingers gently tapped at the keys and they appeared on the screen. Thoughts rushed down her veins and dripped out of her fingertips. The screen gulped in her dreams, feelings, and actions. A story. A story that would be finished in time. A story that could change how people perceive life. A story that could change life. This is all hoped for. Words carefully crafted together to create deception, betrayal, love, life, and hope. Holding her breath even as she typed words, hoping millions of others will to. Her life was just this. To write.
Or it was after the accident.
10:24. Lily Jameson walked briskly out of her office, and headed towards her car. Breathing in the crisp air she realized how lucky she was. To have a wonderful husband, and a beautiful child that love her as much as she loved them. Now approaching the sleek back Lexus, she smiled. What a job that could afford this car!
“Hey you!” Lily greeted as she opened the car door. Four eyes gleamed back at her.
“How was work, Lily?” John asked her with a peck on the cheek. Amelia gurgled in the backseat.
“It was great. How were Amelia and her teething? I know how pesky that can be.” Lily answered, reaching to the back to stroke Amelia’s blonde head.
“Oh, Amelia was fine. Now let’s get going, Disneyland waits!” John exclaimed, tickling Amelia. Lily laughed and started the engine. A low steady hum filled the car, the sound of love and warmth. Skillfully driving out of parking they were soon on the road.
“How did your boss take it, Lily? Was he alright with it?” John asked. He was always so concerned for her.
“John! You know how much Mr. Roberts approves of family. I mean, with him having 12 grandchildren and always taking off nowadays, how can he refuse when I want to go off with family? And really, John, you don’t need to worry so much. Everything is fine.” Lily giggled when John blushed. Then stopping at the red light, Lily glanced back to see Amelia. She was bouncing in her car seat, smiling and giggling and drooling. Lily laughed as she slowly turned back towards the road.
Pressing the accelerator, Lily sighed feeling very content.
“Lily!” John yelled as he flung himself towards the wheel. Lily grabbed hold of the wheel and tried steering left, but it had already happened. The sickening crunch of bones, and the screeching of metal against metal.
Lily closed her eyes; she closed her eyes on John. John with blood soaked hair and brown eyes wide with fright and emptiness.
That afternoon, seeming to become the happiest day of their lives, ruined. Lily Jameson ran a red light. A mistake. An innocent mistake that changed everything. A truck slammed into their car. Two hearts stopped beating. John and Amelia. Lily had gotten off with head trauma, a broken leg and arm. After the accident, she locked the door to the house. And her life. That door was never to be opened again. Survivor’s guilt.
Now, she writes stories. Now, she can only write stories. Stories with happy endings.

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Wimerh said...
Oct. 22, 2009 at 7:20 pm
This story was very touching and sad. I liked how you gave a backround to Lily by explaining that she was a writer and ending the story with that same concept. Also, I like the sentence " Thoughts rushed down her veins and dripped out of her fingertips", because it is a very descriptive and unique way to show the simple concept of someone typing a story on the computer. Another thing that I thought was clever was how you started off explaining an ordinary action, typing a story, and... (more »)
Lia N. This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. replied...
Jun. 9, 2010 at 6:14 pm
Thank you so much! This made my day. If you have any work on this site, let me know, I would love to hear your stories!
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