Great Ending (#2)

September 20, 2009
You must be wondering who is the man sitting on the leather chair with the gun and the picture, there is a lot that I learned about this man. He saved my life once, back when we first used to hang out with each other. We met each other when I first moved to this town, he lived next door in a mansion, and he at first didn’t come over. I later got a call from one of his servants asking if I would attend dinner. I didn’t want to be rude, so I went over and had dinner; he stood in the doorway with his silk suit reaching out to shake my hand. His told me his name was Richard Woods; we then went into the living room to have a drink.
“I thank you for coming over on such short notice” Richard said gesturing me to a seat across from him. I sat down in the dark leather seat looking at the pictures that surrounded the fireplace mantle. Richard gaze met mine and then he looked back at me with a smile, I smiled back not knowing what to say.
“I thank you for inviting me to your home” I said with a smile. Richard nodded as he started to pour whiskey into two cups. He then handed me a cup and I raised my glass up to him, he raised his hand up with the cup to.
“I heard that you are here for business, but what do you do for a living?” Richard asked leaning up against the fireplace. I took a sip of the cold whiskey from the crystal glass that the whiskey was in, I grow up poor, trying to make a name for my self, I never really had this kind of treatment, so I tried to savior what it was like to be rich.
“I’m still in the process of trying to find a job, I wanted to become a writer” I replied staring out towards Richards’s direction. Richard nodded, his attention was on a photo on the fireplace, and it was a young woman in a dress.
“I been looking for a journalist or a writer to help me out” replied Richard still staring at the picture as if it was about to become real, he suddenly pushed himself away from it. He looked towards me and then smiled, this was a smile that you knew was unique not one of those fake ones that people give you. I smiled back before asking something that was on my mind.
“Mr. Woods, I was wondering what kind of business you are in?” I asked setting my drink down on the stand next to me. Richard then looked away back to the picture and then started to speak, but he suddenly stopped.
“There is a lot of me people do not know about, but I want to tell you my secret, my hidden life that I told no one about” Richard replied sitting down across from me. I didn’t know what to say, but then I spoke finding the right words.
“Why me” I asked putting my hands up in suddenly. Richard started to laugh and then he started to pour more whiskey into the crystal cup.
“I know that you don’t make a lot of money, I want you to write down my life events for me, and I’ll pay you a lot of money” Replied Richard getting up suddenly. I ran the thought through my head, something about Richard made me want to do it, and he seemed like a nice guy his black hair seemed to shine from the sun glaring into the room.
Richard stood their staring into the picture again; his eye’s seemed to glow with passion as though, he lost something that he once lost.
“It all started back when I was 7” Richard said still staring into the picture as his voice started to trail off as he explained what happened.

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