September 3, 2009
By Kaygirl SILVER, Jasper, Georgia
Kaygirl SILVER, Jasper, Georgia
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Addison Grace Lawson sat in the clinic's stuffy waiting room, counting the seconds to when the overly peppy nurse would call her name. She was sixteen and she was pregnant. She had told her mother about Stormy, her boyfriend and how they had met, what she didn't tell her mmother is that her and stormy had been serious for two years. Then came the hard part, she waited until her mother had had her nightly glass of wine to tell her she was three months pregnant, she had gotten only one word sentences for a week. And now on top of this she was here waiting to find out what gender the baby was. She heard the door open and saw her worst fear come alive, Brittini Gabrielle the snottiest girl at Lakeson High came through the door. Addi cursed her mother for taking her to a public clinic, she cursed Stormy for falling for her and taking her virginity, but most of all she cursed Brittini for being here. "Addison! Oh my gosh what are you doing here"? Brittini knew Addi hated her name, although Stormy told her it was an amazing name for an amazing girl. " What are you doing here", Addi asked her. "My mom has to get checked once a month." Addi couldn't tell her about the baby because she wasn't showing yet, but just as the words came to her mouth the nurse bellowed: Addi Lawson? The ultrasound machine is ready for you and the baby. Addi turned to see a very shocked Brittini, already texting the news to over 188 students, and that was just the tenth grade. But, putting her head up Addi said, "Yes I'm pregnant" Brittini smirked and said, "The father's Stormy Wren isn't it?" Addi replied, "Yes and we are getting married in two weeks" Brittini snapped a piece of purple chewing gum and said softly, " I won't tell Addi" and with that she turned and walked out the door.

{2 weeks later}

"Well, Addison the baby is a healthy baby girl." Addi was excited and even her mother was warming up to the idea of being a grandma. Stormy had promised to find a suitable apartment and Addi took this into consideration as she twirled her wedding ring around her finger.

{Six months later}

Addi gave birth to a beautiful baby girl who had Stormy's black curls and Addi's white blue eyes.
They named her Gracey Raine Wren, and she grew up to be a very healthy, not to mention spunky four year old. And as for brittini she became the god mother of a spunky four year old. Addi wouldn't change any of the things that have happened over the past five years. And her and Strmy sit on the front porch watching Raine play. Addi carefully sets her empty coffe mug on her six month pregnant belly and looks out at the blue west virginia sky.

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