Good Louise

August 31, 2009
Food? Could that be food? For me? It is! I run across the tile floor, my claws scraping and making an awful noise. “Food!” I cry as I plunge my muzzle into my bowl. I love my big bowl, with FREDDY printed on it in great big letters. And I love this food, with the strong beef flavor. That makes me start to drool, thinking of beef. Louise laughs, patting me on the back. Is she trying to get my food? Grrr…
I growl at her, my tail stiffening, my back arching. She backs off, still laughing. Good. It’s my food, she knows that. I swallow the last bit of beefy flavored goodness then lap up half of the water in my other bowl. “Thanks.” I say, burping a bit. Louise smiles and pats me again. “Good dog.” She says. “Good Louise.” I reply.

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