July 14, 2009
By Anonymous

Eon: The Future Begins
My name is Gerald Alexander Smith. I am a scientist working towards the goal of a better future. Well, I was. I’ll explain everything from the beginning. It all started three months ago. I was working on the development of a rather useful invention of mine. So, I took the schematics to my old college lab partner, Norman Battle. Norman is a descendent of the famous Jerry Battle who was the man that founded Battle Enterprises. Jerry’s goal was to work towards the best possible future by using technology and other “less common” methods to rid the world of major crime.
Norman took the company in a completely different direction. After the predictable invention of the Android, Norman took the design to a whole new level. He designed androids that looked and functioned exactly like humans. He later made androids that created a reason for the company to be called Battle Enterprises. He created androids for war purposes and took off from there.
My invention was a device which held a program that gave androids more functions that could make them better suited for normal living. A human could pick out any android and program them with this data. I took the device to Norman as soon as I had my prototype together. “What am I looking at, Smith? These look like toy schematics. This company makes androids,” Norman said, as he gave me the evil eye. “Norman, listen to what I have to say about it. You know the android graveyard down in the basement? You know, where you send old war androids when the fighting’s done. This device holds a program that can be used to turn those androids into home androids. Some family could buy one and, presto. Think of the profit you’d make from putting these on the market. There’s no real use for war androids anyway. The last war was ten years ago and the threat was literally supernatural,” I said, hoping Norman wasn’t ignoring me.
“Smith do you remember the incident ten years ago? I do. It was sheer terror when the final battle started. No one was safe. The human revolution fought like there was no tomorrow. They even got help from the superheroes of the past. In the end every single threat was eradicated. The dictator, the super-villains of the past, the aliens, and that clone that threatened to blow the city sky high. The heroes were sent back to their own time and the human revolution continued to keep in touch. Smith, you and I were two of those lucky enough to get a good education. Three years after that battle took place the three young heroes that led the human revolution disappeared. On an unrelated note, I’ll take you up on your offer but only because I heard the word profit.” Norman turned around and got up. Then he shook my hand and opened the door for me. “Smith, before I forget, I’d like to see a screening of you testing your device on an android.
Later that night I set up a camera and hooked the device up to the computer. The doorbell rang and I went to answer it. My friend, Eddy, and his older sister, Jaclyn, were at the door with an enormous crate. “Hey bro, how’s it going? We brought you a present. Jackie and I heard that you made the pitch, so we got this for you.” Eddy pulled off the front of the crate revealing an android. “This is amazing. Where did you get a top quality android like this?” I asked, anxiously? “We bought it. We’re loaded, you know.” I brought it inside. Eddy and Jaclyn followed me down to my lab. “I have to have this android scanned. I can already tell by its build that it’s supposed to be a teenager, maybe 17 or so. The scans show that it was made ten years ago.” I was amazed. Jaclyn pointed something out to me. “Gerald these scans indicated that the android is the first and only of its line. I wonder why it was discontinued.”
I was just as curious as the two of them but I didn’t look into it. “This is great. Listen, you two drop by tomorrow. I’m bringing home the data on my work computer.” Eddy looked at my computer and then back at me. “What do you have on this computer that isn’t on your other one?” I pulled up a few files. “This is all the personal information I’m going to program her with. Before you got here, I wrote two files. One in case the android was male and one in case it was female.”
The next evening I was riding home on the train. It was incredibly cramped. When it got to my stop I fought my way through a crowd of people. I straightened my tie and proceeded to my car. But I wasn’t watching where I was going. I ran into a rather large man. Both of us dropped our suit cases and our things went flying everywhere. “Sorry.” I said as I scrambled to pick both of our things up and put them in the right suit case.
I got home and took out “my” flash drive. The doorbell rang and it was once again Eddy and Jaclyn. “Come in you two. I just got home. I picked up the data. Let’s go see if the project will work.” The three of us went down to the lab and put on protective gear. Thunder crashed outside but we all ignored it. “Okay, the data’s hooked up to the android, the system’s hooked up, and we have a green light. Let’s go.” I flipped the switch and the procedure began. Lightning must have hit nearby. My computer shut down in the middle of the procedure and then the power went out.
When the backup power came on we all gathered around the android. “It looks like its breathing.” Jaclyn pointed out. Then the android’s eyes popped open. It stood up and looked around. “Where… who, am I? What’s going on”, it asked? Jaclyn walked up to her and held her hand out. “Jaclyn I don’t think she knows who you are. I don’t think she even knows who she is.” Jaclyn grabbed her hand and shook it. “Nice to meet you, um…” The android looked more confused than I did. “Jaclyn her name’s Katelyn”, I whispered. “That’s a nice name. It’s nice to meet you Katelyn. Can I call you Kay?” Jaclyn didn’t seem to bother Katelyn at all. “Am I Katelyn? I can’t remember anything.” She said.
Then a bunch of men dressed in black broke through the windows. “Put your hands up! You’re under arrest, Smith!” Jaclyn and Eddy were paralyzed. “What did I do,” I asked? One of them grabbed Katelyn’s arm and she flipped him. Then she stole his gun. “How’d I do that?” she said. She dropped the gun and backed up into another one. He grabbed both her arms and hand cuffed her. She brought her foot up behind her and kicked him in the shin. Then she did a front flip and kicked the man that was restraining me in the jaw. When she was done, she looked around and on the floor were a bunch of men knocked out. She did all that effortlessly and she had a look on her face which hinted that she didn’t know how she was pulling off all these amazing moves.
Out front was a man with a bull horn. “Smith, you and your friends are under arrest for associating with terrorists. Come out with your hands up or we will use deadly force. Bring the Eon android with you.” I ran through everything in my head. “We have one genius, two rich adults, and an android with probably every type of martial arts style in memory, and we somehow became wanted within about 10 minutes. Not to mention that an entire S.W.A.T. team is on my front lawn.” I thought to myself. “Does anyone else think we’re dead?” Eddy asked.
(To be continued…)

The author's comments:
This is another one of my older works. I originally made it for a school contest but I got a little nervous and did something else instead. It's cut into for short sections cause the whole thing is really long.

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