June 13, 2009
By DefinitelyNotLilly SILVER, Los Angeles, California
DefinitelyNotLilly SILVER, Los Angeles, California
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It just stared at me. Well, I stared at it. We stared at each other I guess. Not that it was anything out of the ordinary. It of course, was the unassuming number 14, lightly scratched into the back of the bathroom door. Its not that I have anything against 14, personally I think it is quite a nice number. But the integer’s strange location and apparent lack of meaning left me bewildered. Hundreds of thoughts ran through my mind like highly trained athletes. Was it a count down to d-day? A gang sign? A secret code? Suddenly, the small, poorly lit bathroom stall became a crime scene, with me the head detective. I scoured the walls for more clues to find an answer to my mystery. Right underneath the almost used up toilet paper was a heart with BK + LR forever inside. So 14 could be the number of days, weeks, or years BK and LR had been dating. But no matter how hard I looked for an answer, nothing became clear. The 14 was just 14. So as the desire to leave a cramped stall and wash my hands came upon me, I grabbed my own pen, crossed out the 14, and replaced it with a 13. Lets see what the next person to use this stall thinks about that.

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