Just Fascinating to Watch

June 1, 2009
By Anonymous

I’m not kidding that hotel was full of lousy perverts
five people standing around staring at each other - and they were all sweating like pigs.
screaming to this other guy about making love to his goddam wife!
Anyway, this woman comes around with a bottle of liquor trying to pour drinks in the middle of all of this, mint juleps or something, and she is so attractive. Through the crack in the window I couldn’t really hear her name;
some type of flower, it might’ve been Rose, maybe.
trying to focus on the argument going on between the two men, the thing is, I could not keep my eyes off her.

I was thinking of all the crumby stuff I could do with her.
She looked depressed, and I felt awful for having thought all those crumby thoughts about her when all that crap was going on, I really did.
His eyes darted back and forth between the phony jerk and the gorgeous women, and this other couple was standing in the corner of the room.
When the phony jerk asks the pretty girl a question about something going on for five years, she almost drops the bottle.
That boozehound.

But anyway, this attractive woman almost dropped the bottle and THEY
Returned to their awkward positions on the rims on the room. The girl was really thin, and maybe I would think she was attractive if she wasn’t in the vicinity of the gorgeous girl.
Other guy had the guiltiest look on his face, like he contributed to the pain of every person in the room.

The author's comments:
Reflection on The Great Gatsby. Think about it.

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