The Nightmare

August 28, 2009
By Ian Aperio SILVER, Park City, Utah
Ian Aperio SILVER, Park City, Utah
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The old black gate opened moaning slowly I walked forward my footsteps hardly audible over my pounding heart. As I walked shadows danced around the cold dark courtyard of stone, shadows with sharp claws and teeth as the shadows closed in i began to here the a sound like crunching bones as they began to speak to each other when the creatures came into view i saw tough raw skin thick as steal. Their yellowing claws leaving deep cuts in the hard stone path as the walked towards me closer still.

I was not moving hoping they had pour eyesight and not be able to see me and walk straight past no such luck, a large muscular serpent like creature came within two inches of my face and breathed out of his mouth rimed with horribly sharp teeth each as long and sharp as a carving knife!!! It had a yellowish green tongue that stretched out and stroked its eye slowly as though he was cleaning a marble. His breath was so revolting that I almost puked it smelled of rotting flesh and burning oil. Then it reached out a long muscular clawed hand pulled my head back and emptied a vile of greenish liquid into my mouth. it was vile like sour milk I gagged, hacked, spat, and coughed for ten minutes strait then my skin started changing color I looked up into the large eye of the serpent like creature he returned my gaze “Now..........your one of usss.” Then I felt itchy all over and I knew what they wanted. So I let out a defiant yell and lashed out at the serpent with a surprisingly large clawed hand cutting its throat slaying the beast “You’ll never take me!!!” I shouted striking another creature. Then I saw a light was I dead? no then I heard my mom yelling for me and an alarm beeping, oh a dream, I’ve got to lay off the comic books I told myself as I dressed and ran downstairs.

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