August 25, 2009
By SGP222 BRONZE, Macungie, Pennsylvania
SGP222 BRONZE, Macungie, Pennsylvania
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I was driving home from work probably about eleven in the evening. I put on the radio they were playing ‘Just Dance’ by Lady Gaga. She’s not that bad. Then all of a sudden. BANG!!!!

What the heck was that? How did I get home last night? I don’t even remember going to sleep. Let’s see what my mom has to say. I walked downstairs & saw my mother crying at the table. My dad was behind her trying to comfort her.
“What’s wrong mom?”

Why isn’t she answering me?
“Mom! What is wrong?”

What is going on? Maybe she’s really upset not paying attention to anything.
“John, I told you last night I should have went out to pickup Jamie last night from work.”
“It’s not your fault dear.”

What is my mother talking about? I am right here.”
“Go to the cemetery?”
“Who is that?”
“Go to the cemetery. Go there & you will see.”

I walked to the cemetery hoping to find the answer to these voices I keep hearing. Why won’t they stop talking to me?
“Aaahhh! What are you?”

There was this huge creature that had a huge black cloak. The hood of its outfit was so dark it was so hard to tell if it even had a head. However where its sleeves were out of it was a skeleton hand for each arm. But in its left hand this creature held this scythe. I guess you could say this creature I assume was the Grim Reaper. Its right hand was pointing straight in front of me.
“What are you pointing at?”

The creature would not reply to me. So I looked at what it was pointing at there was this lonely tombstone near a tree. On the tombstone was engraved on “Jamie Hems”-loved daughter 1992-2008.
“I am dead. Why have you shown me this creature? How did I die?”

A bright light flashed before me & I saw all that happened the night before. How I died like it was planned in some ‘Hollywood movie.’ Then we returned back to the cemetery.
“I’m dead now what?”

I felt tears run down my face. I will never see my parents. I remember when I got my license that I became a different person. I told my parents that day that I can take care of myself now & I don’t want anything to deal with them anymore.

Then I woke up. I ran downstairs to the kitchen there was my mom & dad. I ran to them & hugged them. That dream was a new start to my new life.

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