Williams lucky trip to the dentist

May 31, 2009
By Anonymous

On one fine day, little William Shakespeare went to the dentist for his very first time. William was told at the age of 4 that his mother was going to take him. William would throw temper tantrums to his mother because he didn’t want to go. William’s mother would even offer to give little William a lolli pop if he was good. No matter what William’s mother did to make him go, William wouldn’t listen. William’s mother never knew why he didn’t want to go to the dentist. Finally one day she found out. William’s friend, Robert, told William a story about how the dentist put a dead mans tooth into Robert’s mouth. From that day William was terrified to go to the dentist. Finally, William’s mother was strong and brought him for his first check-up.

William walked into the dentist office with a frightened look. The Dentist was standing there waiting to approach William. “Hello William! It’s nice to meet you”, said the dentist. The dentist was wearing a blue short outfit with pliers hanging from her pocket. The dentist took William right to the room. Poor William was shaking in the chair as if he was having a seizure. As the dentist cleaned his teeth, William watched exactly what the dentist was doing. First the dentist started off with a rubbed mixture of powdered pumice stone, coral and brick to clean William’s teeth. But all of a sudden William saw the dentist reach into her pocket to grab those silver pliers. From that moment, William closed his mouth and wouldn’t open it for the dentist. “It’s okay William. I’m not going to hurt you”, said the dentist. William still refused and wouldn’t open his mouth. Finally, William screamed “Don’t pull my teeth out. I don’t want you to put a dead mans tooth in my mouth”! The dentist laughed and said that she wasn’t going to be doing that. She told William that she was just going to see if any of his baby teeth were loose. Little William took a deep breath and smiled at the Dentist.

After William’s first trip to the dentist was over, William told his mother that it wasn’t so bad after all. William told his mother that he would go to the dentist any time she wanted him to. William told his mother that he couldn’t wait to tell his friend Robert that he was a good patient! While William was telling his mother this, she thought about how William could have gotten have gotten a filling and what they would have used to treat it. “I hope the next time I go to the dentist I will be as lucky as this time”, said William. William’s mother just laughed!

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sarah234 said...
on Aug. 26 2009 at 2:55 am
very random and very cool...i like your writing style. keep at it!


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