August 16, 2009
By WorldofD SILVER, Vadnais Heights, Minnesota
WorldofD SILVER, Vadnais Heights, Minnesota
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Chapter One
Chris & Olivia

It was a beautiful day in Malopolis. All of the boys were playing games outside. The men were watching movies and eating. You could see the breeze was hitting the banner on the wall. A blue stadium rose up in the center of the town. It was a place where everyone was individuals and there was no such thing as a family. There were only friends and enemies. A few boys were racing two remote control cars. They had ran past all of the gray, brown, and white buildings. Some people had thrown a football and it hit someone in the face. A blonde-haired boy named Chris had watched the doctor come over. Everyone had dropped their things, even the people that were inside.

“Be careful. Please don’t throw those too far or we might never find them. You should be ashamed of what you have done! Now come with me, Tommy.” Tommy had looked hesitantly at everyone and then walked off with Dr. Ramone. Everyone went back to how it was before, but it felt like something was missing.

“Maybe we should pick something up at the snack shack.” The boys went off to a small building on the edge of the town. However, they didn’t know what was on the other side of that brick wall.


This was Femopolis that had the bright pink and purple buildings. Girls were playing with dolls and video games. Women were sitting at cafes drinking coffee and reading the newspaper. In this place, there was also no such thing as a family. Women couldn’t have babies if they didn’t even know that they weren’t the only humans. Some girls were playing tag, but most were inside. There was a salon where people went to get their hair done. Some girls were drawing doodles all over a giant piece of paper. A dark-haired girl named Olivia had been talking with friends in the town square.

“Why are we always boxed in like this?” A woman stared at her and she didn’t seem to notice.

“Olivia, she’s here,” Becky, one of the friends said. She turned around.

“Use your manners!” the woman said. She was the head of the council. The council was the most prominent group. On the other hand, the council was the lowest group. That was Malopolis though. Becky and the rest of the girls had to go to sleep. Olivia had other plans.

Chapter Two

I woke up with the sound of a scream.

“Mom? What’s going on?” I had slept so comfortably until I fell on the hard wood floor. I walked out of my messy room. My mom was way too neat. She had been cleaning up the house all day the day before. I walked into the room and she was holding a piece of garbage with blood on it. “Oh, that was Bobo’s. Sorry.” That was my dog. He always wanted to leave our house, but I just loved him. My blonde hair fell right into my face and I had to brush it off. It was always pretty messy. My full name is Sadie Ann Jenson. If you were wondering where my dad was, he was at work. He was a lawyer. I took Bobo for a walk. I went to an all girls public school called Melonie. It was pretty much hidden by houses. I wasn’t going there today, because it was a Sunday. The neighborhood I was in was not the best. The city dumb was in the middle of it. You could smell it about everywhere you went, except inside. That’s where I was because of it. I saw Lilly, one of my friends. “Hi.”

“Hello. I’m going over to the park. Do you want to join me?”

“Okay.” We all walked around the park. This was one of the only good parts of the Melone, Arkansas which was the neighborhood we lived in.

“You seem sad.”

“I’m leaving.”

“Oh, okay. Bye.”

“No. I’m leaving this place completely.”

“No!” This was one of the worst moments. My best friend was moving way far away. “Well, we should contact each other.”

“No. I don’t think that will work.” She was crying also and then she left when a car came down the road. There I stood with the worst expression ever. I had also stepped in dog poop.

As I walked home, a bunch of people were laughing at me. I just glared at them. This was a horrible day. Horrid.

Chapter Three

I walked out of my house remembering things that have happened to me. I strode past the small garden that my mom attended. I could see my reflection in a vase that was sitting near a bush. I could see my dark skin and hair. My last name was Esneo and it said that next to the door. I was going to school. As I walked on the bus, I saw my dad walk out the door with a book in his hand. It was my Math book. I ran out of the bus and grabbed it. I saw that people were laughing at me as I walked back. I wasn’t exactly the popular kid. Actually I wasn’t at all. I had a friend at school that had been sick for the last two days, but he was back. “Hi Ben.”

“Hi. So you forgot your book?” he said opening the window.

“It’s not that big of a deal.” I was the closest to school, so we were there in a few minutes. Everyone walked out of the bus and we looked at Bridgewood High. I was a freshman but I got used to it. The school had a bunch of separate buildings. I walked off with my friend to the main building.

“What are you thinking about?”

“Well, I’m thinking about what has happened in my life. My mom has been missing for most of it. She’s usually at work.” My mom worked at the hospital as a nurse. There seemed to be a lot of people getting injured in the town of Bridgewood, Arizona. We walked into the Math room.

“Hello, students. Turn your homework in.” Mrs. Laudy loved giving out homework. I sat down and I heard a fart. “Leonardo Olsen!” I hated being called me full name. If you’re wondering why my name is Italian, it’s because my grandmother was born there. She died a year ago. I picked up the whoopee cushion and threw it across the room. “Leo, you have a detention!” I walked out of the room. I saw Gary Trenton laughing. He was the one who did it probably. He was a plain bully at Bridgewood. I walked into the detention classroom and sat at a desk. It was a dirty classroom. There was only one other person in the room. His name was Vince Loey. He always got in trouble.

“Got pranked out?” I nodded.

Chapter Four
Olivia & Chris

It was dark outside in both Malopolis and Femopolis. In Malopolis, many boys were staying up late playing video games and watching TV, But most men were asleep. Chris said bye to his friends and walked towards his room. Everyone had their own room, but that was it. They had complete privacy for only one room. He looked up at the sky. He was just about to go to sleep, when a shooting star flew across the sky. “Whoa! What was that?” he said to himself. Chris opened the window that he saw it through and climbed out. It was a small window that no one was supposed to go out but he just did. It went right out of the town. He lied on the grass and stargazed. If he only knew that the other city was right around the corner. Right there.


In Femopolis, everyone had gone inside. Most girls were watching movies and TV. Women were asleep with their blindfolds. The only person who was outside was Olivia and no one seemed to notice. She was about to do something no one in the town would do. She climbed up the side of a white building on the edge of town. She walked across the chilled grass towards a white table. She sat there and looked back at Femopolis. All of a sudden, a silhouette moved out from a building in the distance.

“Hey! Is that you, Olivia? Get down here!” It was the head of the council.


Chris was so confused. He didn’t know what was with that strange voice. He started to go around the corner, but then a voice yelled. “Get out of there! It’s restricted!” It was one of the doctors that was working extra shifts. I slowly climbed back into my room.


Olivia was also confused. That low voice was unreal. She climbed back down the building and saw that a bunch of other people were walking out of their rooms. She had caused a scene and ran into her room.


Chris turned off the light in his room and lied on his bed. He could hear the plasma screen that hung on a wall. It was probably telling everyone about what he had done.

Chapter Five

I was lonely at school. Without Lilly, it was strange.

“Where’s Lilly Nelson?” Mrs. Jenson asked as soon as class started.

“She moved. Why wouldn’t she tell you?” I asked and everyone stared at me.

“Okay. Well, today’s lesson is linear equations.” It seemed like it didn’t matter that Lilly was gone. We eventually got homework from her and the rest of the day wasn’t much different. Teachers gave homework and, well, didn’t care that she was gone. I ate lunch with Louise and Sarah, but it was only because Lilly was gone.

“So, I heard a rumor that you stepped in a bunch of dog doodoo,” Sarah said.

“That was actually real. What about it?” I asked her and she went silent.

“I think there’s a basketball game later today. Do you want to come?” Louise asked. She had always loved watching sports.

“No, but thanks.” As the school day finished, I hit my hand on my locker. That was another way that this day was horrible. I left school and went into my mom’s car.

“How was school?”

“Like it’s always going to be. Horrid.” She looked at me strangely.

“You’re still taking it hard that she left. What about Sarah and Louise?” she asked as we drove out of the parking lot.

“Louise wanted-,” I stopped. I didn’t want my mom to send me to that basketball game. I just wanted my dad back. He seemed to never have time for me. “I want to call dad.”

“I’m afraid you can’t do that. He got into a car crash a week ago and couldn’t get healed. I started to cry and then we almost got into a car crash.

Chapter Six
Dr. Ramone

In Malopolis, everything didn’t seem right. The doctors were all talking about what Chris had done. Dr. Ramone had put a band-aid on Tommy’s cut. “Okay, so have a great day!” He hugged him and then he ran out of the room.

“They don’t like you,” a doctor said. His name was Dr. Sanders. He was a head person. Dr. Ramone’s smile faded. “You need to let the professionals do it.” He walked out of the room and left Fred Ramone alone. He was cleaning up for the day, when he saw one of the nurses walk over to the window. His name was Greg Jolsen.

“What are you doing?”

“I’m going to leave for a little bit.” That sounded so strange to Dr. Ramone. Actually, that would sound strange to anyone else in the town if they heard it.

“…Where are you going?” he asked thinking over what to say.

“Don’t say anything to anyone else. I promise I’ll be back.” He climbed out the window and closed it slowly.

“What was that?” he could hear Dr. Sanders say and he was now in the room.

“It was nothing. …The bucket just fell over, that’s all.” Jerry Sanders walked out of the room and closed the door. “Don’t do it again.” Fred looked out the window at the stars. He sat down on a cot and slept. It was strange, but the day was stressful. As the lights all turned off around the town, the lights turned on in the other town. It was time for the outdoor movie. But it had all actresses. They all had to wear headphones, because someone knew what was over there.

Chapter Seven

I sat down near the TV. It was a pretty strange house and it wasn’t mine. It was Vince’s. He went to the bathroom and now was walking back into the room. The walls were all black and metallic with a bunch of pictures of guitars. There was a Wii sitting on a table with remotes.

“Do you want to play it?” he asked just about to grab the remotes.

“I’m sorry, but I just want to go home.”

“Okay, but it was nice actually meeting you. You usually have ignored me.”

“I’m sorry. I must’ve not known you were there,” I said thinking about how mean I had been to him. I left his unique house. When I got back to my house, I took a nap. All of a sudden I woke up to see my dad crying. “What’s going on?”

“Your mother was murdered.” I was so surprised.

“Who killed her? Are they in jail?”

“No. They still haven’t found the person who did this. …Let’s get something to eat.” I couldn’t believe that he would say that!

“What about the funeral?!”

“The funeral already happened two hours ago. You slept for a long time.” I just lied on that couch until I finally did my homework. Now I was scared to leave my house, because the killer could be right outside the door. The homework was pretty easy, but then I saw Ben at the window. I opened it.

“Come in! …So, why did you come here?” I closed the window and it made a strange squeak.

“How did you feel when I did that?”

“Wait, what?” I was confused. I didn’t get what he was talking about.

“I put that cushion under your spot. Gary just thought it was funny.” I couldn’t believe he would do such a thing!

“At least I got another friend. Not the old backstabbing one! Leave.”

“Are you serious!” I pushed him out the window and closed it. I had been mean, but it was for the right reason.

“Hey! I thought that was your friend.”

“Not anymore.”

Chapter Eight
Miss Wilmer

In Femopolis, The outdoor movie had ended and females were carrying their blankets back into their rooms. The council was having a night meeting. All of the head people came. Miss Wilmer was the head of the council and could make as many rules as she wanted. “Okay. So, get your notebooks and we’re going to vote on which rule is better: have a field trip away from here sometimes or-.”

“Are you crazy?! It’s a scary place out there.”

“Well, you’re fired. Now go back to your room,” she said. No one was supposed to interrupt her at her meetings, but she just sat there thinking over what the woman had said. “The other one was to not go into a different place when you are supposed to be somewhere else.” Everyone wrote down which one they wanted and Penelope Wilmer already knew which one they would pick. She opened all of them up and they all said: stay together. “Thank you. That was all I wanted.” All of the people left except one person. Miss Wilmer walked over to her. The woman’s face was hidden and her head was down. “Megan, what’s wrong?”

“I’ve been there and she’s right. I’m fired also.” She ran out of the room before Penelope could say anything else.

“Megan.” Miss Wilmer set her notebook down and then saw a piece of paper fly out of it. She unfolded it and it said: I want to leave!! She just sat there and the lights flickered off. The power had went out. No one except five people knew what it was like out there and zero from outside it knew the inside.

Chapter Nine

In Malopolis, everyone went over to different restaurants and snack shacks for breakfast. Dr. Ramone was still weary of what happened. Boys were getting their hands sticky with syrup. Some men were even. Chris was still thinking of the voice he heard.

“Did you hear about the person that was trying to escape?” Lucas, one of his friends, said.

“Actually that was me. I heard this weird voice. It was high-pitched.” Lucas looked at me.

“Wow, that was you?” Lucas thought everything was interesting.

“Yes. But that voice.”

“I don’t understand what you’re talking about. I’m going over to the stadium. You can’t play sports outside of it anymore.” He walked off and so did James who had been silent.

“James?” I asked.

“I think everyone’s going there.” Chris stood there as everyone walked past him. He soon walked off into the stadium. No one wasn’t in the stadium after about fifteen minutes. There was a balcony that lead out of the hospital with the head doctors.

“Okay, so this will happen every week where we will have to stay here. You can do whatever you want. All of the equipment is sitting in the middle of the field. Also, we will be watching if anyone gets hurt.” Dr. Sanders said. The other doctors were walking back inside. Chris sat up towards the back of the bleachers and played cards.

“This is strange that we all of a sudden had to do this. James, do you know where Lucas went?”

“No. I think he went to the bathroom. He’ll probably be back.”

“Have you heard those strange voices before?” I asked thinking that it was strange that Lucas had just disappeared when I talked about the voice.

“I don’t know. I just have no idea. I have to go to the bathroom.” He walked off and then Chris just had to do something with some other people. Things had been strange.

Chapter Ten

In Femopolis, girls were all just lying around watching TV. Miss Wilmer was still just thinking about that meeting. Olivia was the center of attention, but not in a good way. She had tried to stay inside the whole day, but something seemed to always cut her loose. Olivia had been reading her favorite series. It was called Olive Sisters and it was about how three girls live their life. All of a sudden Olivia felt something hit her head. She got up slowly and walked over to a hole that was in a small window. Someone had thrown a piece of paper at her. She opened it up and saw an arrow pointing out the door. She just suspected that it was just one of her friends. Olivia put her shoes and jacket on and walked out the door. All of a sudden a bunch of people sprang out of all directions. Someone even appeared behind her. “What?!” She could just see Becky’s red hair. She was the only red-haired girl in the town.

“We just want you to come out,” some random girl said.

“Well, let me at least get my book and money.” She walked back into her room and grabbed her book and wallet. None of the people of Femopolis carried purses because everything was so close. The bank was actually right next to Olivia’s room. As she turned around she ran right into Becky. “Gosh you scared me! …I have something to tell you and I never have because everyone always looks at me like that.” She was pointing out the door at all of the girls. The women didn’t care about Olivia. They just thought she was immature. As the girls sat down at a restaurant, Becky turned to her. A lady came over with the shakes.

“So, what was the thing?”

“Well, I heard a voice that sounded like this: Hey!” she said in a really low voice.

“Very weird. I’ll have to get back with you later.”

“Becky, wait!” Becky left and so did her other friends. Then she just sat there sipping on her milkshake, alone.

Chapter Eleven

As I stood there, I thought about how nice my dad had been. I was standing in front of his grave. It was just too hard to take. I set a bouquet of flowers in front of the grave and wept into my mom’s eyes. I had actually never cried before, but this was just too sad. He was trying to get enough money to pay for the house and he must have died going to it. The Melone Cemetery was located on the south side of it.

“Okay. We should go,” my mom was saying between sobs. We left and then I remembered something. It was not something good.

“Mom, we need to go go. We need to leave this town. Too many bad things have happened here. We need to get Bobo and all of our things.”

“Are you crazy?! This is where we’ve lived before. Where are you planning on going?”

“Utah. I’m going to find Lilly!” I ran back to my house quickly. My mom was far behind, but what had happened just made this happen. I ran past some people’s house that I knew. Their houses were the same color as mine: brown. That was the color of this town, but the school and post office were white. I ran inside my house. Bobo was sleeping on the ground. “Wake up!” I patted him and I jumped around. He always seemed hyper after his naps. My mom was right behind me when I grabbed my suitcase.

“You can’t be going there!”

“It will just be temporary. I want to see her again and start a new life. This place is horrible.” I threw a bunch of my clothes inside the suitcase and grabbed some other things in my room. “Pack up!” My mom was so reluctant that she was sitting at the couch. “So that’s what you’re going to wear for the next few days?!” She suddenly got up and ran into her room. Remember what I said. She was very clean. I picked up some pictures that were hanging on the wall. My mom was taking things out of the bathroom. I ran over to the car and threw three bags in it. That was only my bedroom and food. I grabbed all of my favorite movies. I put a blanket in the car and moved the seats around so Bobo could watch the movie. I brought the TV. My mom still was thinking it was temporary. I grabbed more bags and stuffed them into the car. After ten minutes, my mom sat down and we drove away from that small town.

Chapter Twelve

The only time I left my house was for school. Vince always came over to my house. School wasn’t the best with Ben glaring at me. We had played the Wii at my house. He brought his games over.

“So, I’m going on vacation for next week. Would you like to come?” Vince asked.

“Wait, where are you going?”

“I’m going to the Gateway Arch in Missouri. St. Louis.”

“I’m sorry. I think that’s too far away.” I always didn’t like traveling far, but some things just have to happen.

“Well, you’ll be missing out.” We sat down and had pizza. We watched a movie later.

“Why are you going on vacation?” I asked between bites.

“I haven’t went on vacation since I was six. This is one of the only opportunities.”

“Oh.” I drank my pop and smiled. I had only went on two trips before. I went to Phoenix and Albuquerque, New Mexico. They were both close.

“I’d better get going. I have homework to do.”

“Goodbye.” He walked out the door and didn’t say anything else. My dad walked into the room.

“Get your shoes on and get in the car. We’re going to go somewhere. I was so confused, but I did as he said and got into the car.

“Where are we going?”

“A great place that’s a secret.” I hated secrets. Every one of them.

Chapter Twelve
Chris & Olivia

In Malopolis, weeks were going by with the “stadium days”. It got to be pretty usual. Chris had gotten in with some other friends. The gossip about Chris was still out there, but he ignored it. It was Tuesday, which was the “stadium day”.

“Are we going to play some soccer?” Frank, one of his new friends said.

“No. You know, I’m not really into it. I can watch.” Chris walked up and sat on a part of the bleachers near the stairs. He looked over and saw Lucas. He got up quickly and ran down to where he was standing. Lucas turned around and started running through a crowd of people. “Hey! Lucas!” There was an extra room that they could go in, but there was no one else except them. “Why are you avoiding me?” Chris asked. Lucas turned around slowly knocking over a cart with balls. All of the balls started to come out.

“We have to pick these up.”

“You didn’t answer my question.” They both stood there as the balls filled the room.

“You’re just weird. Pick up your balls!” Franks ran out of the room and tripped on some of the balls. Chris was just in shock and then saw Dr. Sanders standing in the doorway.

“Who did this?! …Pick them up!” He started to pick them up.

“And has anyone seen Nurse Jolsen?” Dr. Ramone looked hesitantly down towards where he was.


In Femopolis, girls were all in the mall. It was almost like that they were required to do it. Rumors were going overboard about Olivia, but she didn’t care anymore. She was just going to live her life with new friends. Becky had been missing for a while. Olivia had an appointment with the head of the council: Miss Wilmer. She had been regretting this day. As she walked inside, she saw Miss Wilmer looking over at someone else.

“I’m going to leave,” the person said. Miss Wilmer suddenly grabbed her and she hit the ground.

“I’m sorry! But-!”

“You should be!” The girl climbed out the window. Miss Wilmer turned around.

“Oh, I’m sorry about that. Where were we?”

“We weren’t anywhere. I don’t think this appointment was necessary. I know that I shouldn’t do it again.” Miss Wilmer kept looking over at the window until Olivia shut the curtain.

“Too many people are leaving. You just need to help me here. Keep everyone inside the mall.” Olivia smiled at her and then turned around. She ran across the town and into the mall.

“Okay, everyone needs to stay inside here! No more escaping!” She watched as all of the people ignored her. She didn’t know what was wrong with everyone. Olivia climbed up to the top of a café and everyone looked up. “Everyone! Don’t leave the mall!” Everyone looked scared and then the next thing she knew, she was falling and then it went black.

Chapter Thirteen
Sadie & Leo

We drove for a long time. Me and Bobo got relaxed watching the movie. We had driven for a day and now we were driving again.

“I’ve never been to Utah. I’m actually pretty excited!” my mom said and almost ran into a sign.

“Mom! We could’ve gotten killed! Be more careful!” My mom was a horrible driver and you had seen that before. Finally, the sign that said: Welcome to Colorado popped up. This was our second state to go through. We just needed one more! We drove for a long time and then the car all of a sudden had a flat tire. “Check the tires. We’re going to explore.” I waited for Bobo to climb out of the car and he ran off in a random direction. My mom was on her hands and knees trying to repair the car. “Bobo!” I ran off in the direction that he went.

“Don’t go far.” I could hear my mom say. I didn’t know why he just ran off like that. Maybe he was just sick of being in the car. I kept running and ended up right in front of a strange entrance to something. There were a bunch of trees covering it but Bobo got through. I didn’t like the looks of this, but I grabbed a branch and pushed it forward. I tripped on something, but then I got up. I kept running. I was in some kind of strange town with a bunch of buildings that looked the same. There were walls all around and where I had come through was camouflaged. I ran over and grabbed Bobo.

“Why did you do something like that?” I asked and then I could hear noises coming from behind me. I turned around to see a giant blue wall and the word “The Stadium” was imprinted on it. “They might know where we are or give us directions.” I walked with him and saw that the doors were closed. I climbed up some steps and looked over at the people inside. “Why are there no girls?”


I kept asking where we were going but he never answered. I watched the countryside fly by.

“Okay. I guess I can tell you. We’re going to Nebraska. That was where your old friends were.” That was where we lived before, but I think Arizona was much better or so I thought.

“They weren’t even my friends. They were only at the time.” My dad didn’t turn around or say anything else. It was very quiet for a few more hours and then it started to get dark. All of a sudden the car ran into a tree. “Whoa! What happened?!”

“There’s too strong of winds.” I got out of the car and saw how creepy it looked inside the forest. My dad was repairing the car. All of a sudden I saw a person pop out of nowhere with a knife and ran away. The person was only chasing after me. I ran really fast into a sort of entrance with a strange bunch of trees. I flew in and panted. I thought about how my mom got murdered. That might have been the person. I looked around where I was. There were a bunch of pink and white buildings.

“Where am I?” I walked around and then saw a fountain. “Girltown?”

Chapter Fourteen

I walked down into a building near the entrance to the stadium. It was very strange that I didn’t see any girls. All of a sudden a flash of light occurred. I opened up the door and fell right into a crowd of people. “Sorry!” Everyone looked over at me with their mouths opened. They looked like they had never seen a girl in their life. “What’s wrong with you?! Where is this?” Bobo was running around in the field.

“Ma-malopolis!” someone said in the back. Everyone seemed to not have anything else to say.

“I’m a girl.” A doctor burst out of a building and came down to the stadium.

“Get her out of here!” He seemed to be the only one who had seen one of my kind before. A bunch of people moved away and some even left the stadium.

“What has happened here?!”

“Come with me!” The doctor grabbed my arm and pulled me off to that building. I saw a bunch of pictures of sporting events with no girls either. I sat down on a blue chair and looked over at the doctor. “I’m one of the only doctors that has seen some of you and it was a surprise for me also. This is just how it goes.”

“How did you find them. This place is heavily guarded I’ve noticed.”

“If you have to know, I walked down a hallway that no one has ever been in and opened a board. All of a sudden I ran into one of them.”

“It’s not like I’m an alien! You need to change things around here!” He glared at me.

“You need to leave!” I got up and left the room. This was so strange. I ran out of the building and then accidentally ran into a boy and his cards all fell on the floor.

“I’m sorry.” I helped him pick up the cards and he just sat there and stared at me. “This town needs some changes. My name‘s Sadie.” I played cards with the boy and his name was Chris.

“I don’t really know what’s out there.”

“We’re out there. Females. Wait, how do you have families?”

“What’s that?” Chris asked. Then I just sat there and stared at him.

Chapter Fifteen

I sat at the fountain and then started to walk the way I came. I suddenly saw a bright light coming out of a doorway. I walked over to it. There was a giant mall inside and it was all yellow. I walked along and saw girls and girls in every shop. I couldn’t figure out why there weren’t any boys. A bunch of girls kept turning around after I passed them with their eyes open.

“Why is your hair so short?!” one of them said.

“I’m not one of you.” I accidentally bumped into some people. They looked very strangely at me. As I was walking, a hand suddenly grabbed me and pulled me out of the crowd. “Excuse me?” The woman’s back was turned and she walked into a room.

“Stay away from here!” I walked inside the room and saw the woman’s face.

“Where are the boys?”

“They aren’t supposed to be here. I’m the only council member that has been out there and seen your kind. Actually, I think one other person left. Please leave.” She picked up a picture that had fallen down. I was mad at that woman. I grabbed her pictures and threw them on the floor. I heard a scream and ran out the door. I saw a girl sitting by herself in the food court. She had brown hair and was sitting awkwardly. I sat down and she jumped under the table.

“It’s okay. Someone here can save you.” She had slowly came back up and was smiling.

“I’m Olivia.”

“I’m Leo.” We shook hands and ate strawberry cake. She didn’t even seem to care that I was someone who she had never seen before, or had she?

Chapter Sixteen
Mrs. Jenson & Mr. Esneo

It was very windy outside. Mrs. Jenson walked back to the car. “Sadie! Where are you!” She had been waiting for her for ten minutes. She looked at the rocks surrounding her. She was tired and grabbed a book out of the car with a blanket. It was peaceful except for the wind. Mrs. Jenson Sat on the rock and read her book. The book was called Waiting for the Sunrise. It was about a family that had to lose everything to live in a small house in Alaska. It takes place in the ‘60s. She was on Chapter 2, because she was driving so much. Mrs. Jenson was getting so into her book, when suddenly a bunch of rocks started moving and pushed her off the small cliff. She screamed and then stumbled around. It was very dark down below. The road swerved to the right and there was a lower part that she was in. Her book had flown off somewhere and a bunch of strong winds were starting to blow her blanket away. “So much for going to Utah!” The car stood there alone, above.


Mr. Esneo was standing there in the shadows of the trees still shocked by the person that ran by with the knife. He started to call Leo’s name, but stopped. He knew that that person could be anywhere in this forest, but he took his chances. “Leo! Stay calm. I’m coming to get you.” He walked past a brush of a bunch of leaves and climbed over a log. He could just make out the full moon. As he stepped on a branch, it made a loud crunch and snapped. All of a sudden, something started to move and Mr. Esneo knew exactly what it was. He leapt across another log and ran past a bunch of trees. The person was behind him. He kept running until he found a shack completely hidden from view. He jumped inside the doorway and onto grass. He slowly closed the door trying to not let the person see him. There were some twigs moving and then it was silent except for an owl. Mr. Esneo looked around the shack and saw some lighting coming out of a hole. He climbed towards it and then suddenly one of the floorboards broke and he fell into a trench. He looked up for a second and saw how far down he was. “So much for going to Nebraska.” As he sat there, so did his car alone.

Chapter Seventeen

I had enjoyed my time with Chris. As he guided me to his room, people were still staring at me. “So everyone has one of these here? No houses?”

“Yes. What are houses?” he asked opening the door.

“Well, it’s when you have a family. It will make sense if you see one. It’s a building with a bunch of these inside.” He looked over at me like I was crazy. “It’s true! This room is tiny. Mine is even bigger!” I said that because my house was small and my room was also. This room was definitely the smallest I had seen. The walls were blue and the bed was right next to the wall. There wasn’t even that much space to walk! I opened up the window. “Why does this window look like an escape route?”

“It is. I went out there one time, but it really doesn’t matter,” Chris seemed to be upset.

“What happened when you were up there?” I looked out the window at the beautiful full moon.

“Well, I heard someone who sounded like you. I didn’t know where it was coming from though.” I was confused. Why would a voice all of a sudden come out like that?

“Well, I think we should go to sleep. Where should I sleep?”

“You aren’t staying here. The doctors are very specific about things.”

“I don’t care! I want to know why you heard that voice!” She laid down on the floor and slept. Chris jumped onto his bread and slept. So did everyone else in the world. Even the dead ones.

Chapter Eighteen

It was the next day in Femopolis. Olivia had told me about some strange voice that sounded like me. She had acted upset. When I woke up, I wacked my head on a pink table. “Ouch!” Olivia woke up as soon as I said that.

“Why are you still here?!”

“I mean no harm. I want to find out about that voice. You need to stand with me.”

“Okay, but don’t get in the Council’s way!” she said brushing hair off her face.

“I know. One of them harassed me about being in a place I shouldn‘t.”

“Was it Miss Wilmer?” she asked expecting me to know which one was which.”

“She had dark hair and her office was in the mall. She said something about that she was the only council member that had seen my kind.” Olivia looked at me like I was crazy and then frowned.

“You’re right. Things need to change.” I got up and walked out with her.

“You’re beautiful and I don’t think anyone has said that before.”

“Actually they have, but I don’t think it’s that great of a compliment.”

“It is, trust me!” We walked into a restaurant. They were having a meeting inside. I ducked behind a table right as they looked.

“Hi, Olivia. What might you be doing here?”

“I left my …ketchup here.” She grabbed the ketchup bottle and we ran outside.

“Ketchup?! What is wrong with you?” She smiled like I hadn’t said anything. I don’t think she cared what other people thought. Everyone scooted away for us to walk by. It was great!

Chapter Nineteen
Sadie & Leo

We had walked around and Chris gave me a tour. We walked into a brown building.

“I think this building is restricted. I don‘t even think the doctors are allowed in here.” I could see that a bunch of doctors were walking towards us.

“Let’s go in here,” I whispered. He looked at me like I was crazy, but I grabbed him. We looked around the building and there were a bunch of switches. “What the heck?” I walked over to one of the switches and saw there was a giant “x” on it.

“I think we should get out of here. The doctors probably walked by.” I kneeled over and read the inscription. All of a sudden I heard a loud noise and noticed that I pressed the button. “You did something very wrong!”

“It says that if you must press one, press the rest. Start pushing all of them! This might be a bomb!” We ran around the room pushing a bunch of switch and then it sounded like some giant structure was moving. Chris ran out of the room and I came with him. There they were.


I all of a sudden heard a loud noise and Olivia bumped.

“Something happened that I don’t thin has ever happened before.” We slowly got up and looked over at the open area. I could see a bunch of males and one female. She was beautiful.

“There they are. So this was what you heard. I knew there was going to be another one of these stories!” The girl was looking in disbelief at me and I was too. I ran over to her.

“So you were doing this too?! You came in here unexpectedly and they almost threw you out?!” the girl said.

“Were you going somewhere and your car stopped?” I asked.

“Yes. We’re very much alike. I’m Sadie.” She held her hand out and I shook it.

“I’m Leo. These towns will now be combined.” I looked over and saw that Olivia was meeting a bunch of guys. I thought it was so strange that someone could be so much like me and just be beautiful.

“Did you find someone who had went out of the town for a second and heard a voice?” she asked.

“Yes! She’s right over there with the brown hair.”

“The one that I was with is with her!” I learned that she lived in Arkansas before. I had thought, why would she come all the way here?

Chapter Twenty

I had a great time with Leo. We ate in the town Femopolis and went back to Malopolis for comfort. “Did you have a friend that you lost, Leo?”

“Yes. …I pushed him out the window.”

“Oh, that wasn’t what I meant. My best friend had to move to Utah and that was why I left. Did one of your parents die?”

“Yes. My mom got murdered -and I just left my dad in the middle of a forest.”

“Oh, I left my mom near a cliff!” We looked at each other. We said goodbye to our new friends and left.

“I kind of want to come with you. I don’t want to go back to Nebraska.” She smiled.

“There’s room for you next to Bobo. Speaking of Bobo. Where’d he go?” I was confused. Was it her dog? We walked out of Malopolis the way I came in. Bobo was running off in a direction. “Bobo!” We had to chase him. There were a bunch of trees suddenly and we started to run through it. All of a sudden I grabbed Bobo when I saw him. Leo was still standing up and looking forward. I looked around and saw a pair of green flats drenched with mud. They looked familiar. I got up and I was completely surprised.

“Lilly. …I don’t know what to say! Why are you here?”

“Something happened at school and I just felt like running away.”

“You actually did it?!” I noticed that Leo had disappeared. “Leo? …If you’re wondering who Leo is, he is mostly the same person as me. We became friends.” We walked off towards the car, but I forgot where it was.

“I’m just so proud of you that you would come all this way.”

“I was planning on going to Utah. Are you all right to go back?”

“No. Not after I got expelled.” My mouth just dropped open. She was a smart girl, but I had become smart just for one person.

“You were framed, weren’t you?”

“You’re right. I failed two tests and someone put my name on a slip of paper for Advanced Algebra.” We finally found the road and the car was a few feet away.

“Where’s my mom?!”

Chapter Twenty-One

I had walked away, because I needed to find my dad. I was getting creeped out by the dark shadows all around. I started to run when I thought of the murderer. I tripped on a log accidentally and looked around. There was a small hut near where I was. That might have been where the person lived. I kind of wanted to take a peek anyways. I grabbed the rope handle on the door and slowly opened it. I jumped back so I wouldn’t get hit in the face. To my relief, there was no one inside. I crawled inside. It was very small room and there was some kind of drop off on the edge. I slowly climbed over to the edge and looked down. I saw something horrible.

My dad was lying on the bottom several yards before and there was dry blood all over the place. I tore through the roof when I stood up and saw Sadie with her friend.

“Who is that?!” she asked.

“It’s my dad.” I started to cry.

“I’m so sorry. My mom might be dead also. We’re going to find a home for you.” She smiled and hugged me. She was such a great person.

“I think I heard something,” Lilly said. She had a scared look on her face. “I think we should go back over to the road.” We walked away from that hut and I was just so upset. Both of my parents had died and I wasn’t there to save them. We got over to a rocky area and we looked down at the countryside. It was beautiful. All of a sudden a shadow crept on one of the rocks. I slowly turned around and saw that it was that person. I wanted that person dead! I started to grab a rock, but then a bunch of them started falling. The three of us ran across the cliff and reached stable ground right before all of the rocks fell and my wish came true.

Chapter Twenty-Two

“That was great! What you just did,” I said after watching those rocks fall down.

“I think that’s who killed my parents.” We had walked down the road for a long time until an arm grabbed mine. I screamed and saw deep brown eyes.

“Sadie! You disappeared for a long time and the car finally started up.”

“Mom. What did you have to eat?!” I asked. She was living like a caveman.

“I had berries that were on trees, but one was extremely disgusting. …Lilly! What are you doing here?!”

“I ran away. You can go where you want, but I’m staying here.”

“Are you crazy?!” I covered my mom’s mouth.

“We’re …going to stay here. Go where you want to.” My mom frowned and I forced a smile. And then she got into the car. I hugged her. “I love you, mom. Tell me if anything goes wrong.” She got into the car and drove off without saying goodbye. I guess she really wanted to go to Utah! “Now we’re going to be free of parents!” Lilly and Leo smiled and we ran off towards the entrances. Leo didn’t seem as sad since me and Lilly didn’t have our parents along. We could find our friends that we had talked with before. They were really great places.


Malopolis/Femopolis was happy for the visitors to come back. Sadie, Leo, and Lilly had walked through the entrance.

“We should call this place Unopolis, because we have united!” Sadie said.

“Everyone should get married!” Leo said. He had wanted to see Vince again. Chris and Olivia had put on formal outfits and so did everyone else in the town. They were doing exactly what Sadie wanted. The three friends just watched as everyone kissed each other. Chris and Olivia were meant for each other. No one ever knew what happened to Nurse Jolson. It didn’t matter anymore. The cities were combined! Dr. Ramone had followed his idea and snuck out of the town. Miss Wilmer married Dr. Sanders. Everyone watched outdoor movies and played games in the stadium. After a long time, the three decided to go back to their lives.

“Do you want to go to Arizona? My Aunt has a great mansion and she says I can come anytime.” Sadie smiled and looked over at Lilly.

“I’d love to!” Lilly said. They said bye to Chris and Olivia. Chris and Olivia didn’t seem that sad, because they could always contact us. Sadie gave them my cell phone number. They left Unopolis happy. They paid for a bus that would bring them halfway and then they would call Leo’s aunt to drive the rest. The bus drove off toward the sunset.

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