10 Year Old Killer

August 15, 2009
By Alice Anderson BRONZE, Madsison, South Dakota
Alice Anderson BRONZE, Madsison, South Dakota
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She was scared. You might ask why. But that’s not the point. The point is she killed her. By now you have more questions, like, why did she kill her? I could answer that right away but that would make this a very, very short story, and no one would want that.
Let’s start about three days ago, when the letter came,

Dear Mrs. Johnson,

I’m so pleased to inform you that Francesca made the A honor roll. We are so proud and hopefully you are to.

As for the other child she has a D in math and will need to raise that in order to stay in this school. I suggest you have Francesca assist her with her homework.


Monica Liaison.

(987)- 288- 9834.

The other girl’s name is Devon. I would like to tell you that Francesca lives happily ever after but that would get us nowhere.

If you haven’t figured it out, Francesca dies. Why did Devon kill her? Because Francesca was mean to Devon. She called Devon Stupid. See, Francesca Johnson mother, Misty, was married to Devon’s father, Justin. Why would Devon hate her though? Because Devon is Daddy’s only girl.

You might wonder why Devon thinks that way. Well I would like to tell you, but the story would still be to short. When Devon found out that Francesca was smarter then her, Devon decided it was time for revenge to both Francesca and her mother.

So that night well everyone was asleep she decided to kill Francesca and her mother. But not that night for tomorrow was Devon’s birthday, and Francesca was not going to ruin it. So she planed to do it the night of her birthday.

So the next night after her birthday she snuck down stairs into the kitchen and grabbed the biggest knife. Next she walked up to Francesca’s room and slowly opened the door. There she lay so still and girly. Devon knew she had to do it. She was daddy’s only girl.

She walked up to the bed and said in a whisper ‘good night.’ And raised the knife and jabbed it right into her heart. Francesca let out a fast but quite gasp and then died. Devon pulled out the knife and walked out the door and slowly and quietly shut the door.

Now it was Misty’s turn. She walked up to her dad’s door so slowly it felt like a life time. She opened to door and slowly but quickly walked over to the bed and raised the knife. She quickly plunged it into her heart. Misty made no sound.

Devon pulled out the knife and slowly laid it on the floor. She walked out the door and closed it slower then she did Francesca’s. She went to her room. She pulled the sheet and blanket down and crawled in. She fell asleep instantly.

The next morning her father wakes up to find his wife dead right next to him. He calls 911 and goes to check on the children as he came up to the first door, Francesca’s door, he looks down to see a blood trail leading from the door. He swings it open to find Francesca’s dead body just lying there.

As he approaches Devon’s room, his own daughter’s, he opens it to see that she is still alive. He runs to hold her and tells her the horrible, mortifying news. Devon fakes crying. The cops show up and they talk to Devon alls she says is that she went to bed and slept like a baby. All the cops saw was a dead woman, her dead daughter, a 10 year old girl, and a man with blood on his hands.

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