May 4, 2009
By laura gerber BRONZE, Lakefield, Other
laura gerber BRONZE, Lakefield, Other
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It was a usual Saturday night I sat in front of the t.v. flipping through the various channels I had then I saw some thing that caught my eye, the news I turned up the volume and listened to what the reporter was saying. "Missing boy found dead in his room at his parents house, symbol found covering walls and various part of his body. Sources say that the boy had to mark on his right palm 2 weeks before he went missing." I was utterly shocked about what I had just seen. I was feeling sorry for the parents when I heard the reporter start talking again "police believe that the symbol has something to do with a mass murder or a large gang" I was still sitting there in shock so I decided to change the Chanel to get my mind off of it. As I again started flipping through the Channels I couldn’t help but have my mind continuously go back to the picture of the boy face down on the bed and that symbol every where. It was late and I decided to go to bed and try to get some sleep.

That night I was tossing and turning all night well the thoughts of him roamed through my head. I woke up that morning with sweat streaming down my face the sheets were pulled up from being tucked in the end of the mattress my pillows were covering the floor. "That must have been one bad dream" I said to myself. So I got up and went to take a shower so I could get ready to go to school. Since my parents got home so late last night I had to very quite so I didn’t wake them up. So I quickly ran to the bathroom and hoped into the shower. Got out blow dried my long brown hair and straightened it, got dressed put some makeup on. I took one last look in the mirror I have intense blue eyes, silky long straight golden hair. I am skinny but not too skinny with a slim build and a toned stomach. I ran the brush through my hair quickly and ran out the door.

When I got to school I went straight to my locker were my friend Belle was standing there waiting for me. Belle was so pretty she has hazel eyes I big bright smile on her face all the time, she was a very skinny girl but she wasn’t anorexic and nicely toned stomach like mine and long wavy black hair. Her locker was right next to mine and we had first period together so she was waiting for me at my locker. "Hi Lily your late" she said. "Yeah I know I over slept" I replied her opening my locker. "I have to get going I’ll see you in algebra Lily bye" she said waving. "OK SEE YOU THEN" I yelled as she walked away. I locked in my locker for my algebra book closed my locker turned to walk away and BAM I bumped into Jay the hottest guy at our school he had blue eyes and shaggy blonde hair he is a strong muscled guy with nice abs. If that boy got any hotter he would be on fire. Thank god I didn’t fall to the ground or that would be so embarrassing. "Oops I’m sorry" I said looking up at him "oh it’s
problem”he said to me with a grin on his face with his bright white teeth showing. I felt my face going red so I quickly scurried to algebra and sat down next to Belle.

Class went by so slowly as the teacher lectured us. I pretend to listen while I passed notes to Belle all class. "Finally" I said to Belle as we got up to get ready to go to our next classes. "I know that was the most boring class ever" she told me as we walked out of the class room. We went over to our lockers and opened my locker grabbed my chemistry book and walked into my class room lucky for me I had another friend in this class his name is Devon. I always had HUGE crush on him. He had nice brown hair the fell perfectly just in front of his eyes, his eyes were a nice dark chocolate eyes, very muscled and strong with rock hard abs Jay was nothing compared to him in my mind. "Why does he have to be so gorgeous" I thought to my self and went to take my seat next to him.

"Hey" I said taking my seat next to him. "Hello" he said looking at the black board I looked at it to. "Turn to page 375 and read to plage 378 until I get there signed Mrs. Silvia " it read. So I opened my book like I was supposed to. But when I looked down the page had been ripped out and there was a small envelope in it’s place. I looked over to Devon he was to busy reading to notice me. So I opened the note and read it. "When you go home today there is going to be a surprise for you x[" it read. I didn’t pay attention really to the rest of my classes I was too busy wondering what the note meant by surprise and who was it from. YES it thought in my head the final bell rang and I ran to my locker grabbed my stuff and ran out.

I practically ran the whole way home. But as soon as I reached the door handle I slowly grabbed it and turned it slowly. When the door opened it was quiet unlike usual. Normally when I walked in I heard my mother and father cooking with the radio on. Scared as I could be I ran to my parents room. Opened the door and stood in shock. There I saw them my parents DEAD! Dead my parents how could they be dead they were always just so perfect this was just something that just blew my mind away. I couldn’t stand it. My mind snapped back into reality and remembered the boy from the news the symbol on his palm, it carved in to his body with a knife, it written on the wall in his blood. I ran over to my parents bodies and checked their palms....AND THERE IT WAS the symbol on there palms and I looked at there back there it was again. What I saw was so disgusting I was sick to my stomach and right after I fainted.

I woke up hours later. I looked at the clock on the night stand next to my bed it was 7:30 pm then it caught my eye, my parents bodies. I took a step forward there was a note pinned to my mother’s head. I didn’t know if I should go and read it or not. I was still thinking about weather or not I should read the note when my legs started moving forward without me telling them to. I grabbed the note and ran out of the room as fast as I could and closed the door behind me. I had the phone in one hand and the note in the other when I went to sit on the black leather couches I sat there staring at the tan walls then I heard my phone go off in my back pack. I went over and grabbed it. It was a text from Belle. I read it Belle: hey what’s going on ? I had to have her and Devon over here right now so I texted her back ans fast as I could! Lilly: get Devon and get over here NOW it is an emergency! I sent the text and got one with in 30 seconds Belle: I will be there in 5 minutes at most. About 3 minutes later the door bell rang I ran to the door and opened it. I saw Belle and Devon standing there I threw my arms around Belle and started crying and I gave Devon a big huge too. "What is the emergency" Belle asked me "Follow me" I whispered. They were walking on either side of me and I opened the door to my parents room.

The room had the metallic smell of blood and the putrid smell of my own vomit filled the room and our noses. Belle gasped and Devon just looked down at me and wrapped his muscled arms around my tiny body. "I know that symbol" Belle whispered "yeah it was on the missing boy that was found dead" I replied. Belle put her hands over mouth and ran to the bathroom to vomit. Devon grabbed my hand tightly I looked at him and then at him and he let go of my hand.
*********************Devon’s thoughts**************************

I feel so sorry for Lily, her parents dead. I couldn’t stand seeing that sadness in her beautiful blue eyes. Not thinking I grabbed her hand but I let go because I didn’t want to make it awkward? and what if she doesn’t like me? but what if she does what if we start dating will that make it weird? If we do date and we break up will we still be friends? All these questions running through my head I am so confused. To get out of it I told her that I was going to check up on Belle. So I walked to the bathroom and found Belle on the floor looking better then she did before.

***********************back to Lily’s thoughts********************

I never thought he was going to grab my hand. It made it kind of awkward but I liked it. But does this mean that he likes me? Or was he doing it out of pity? "I’m....uh....going to go check on she is she is alright" he told me. When he was out of site and in the bathroom I closed the door and walked away. I walked into the bathroom to see Belle standing up looking normal again. But she didn’t have a grin on her face I was sure it would return soon. We walked down stair and sat on the black leather couch and I grabbed the phone from my back pocket and slowly dialled the numbers 9....1....1 and I pressed the talk button the phone ran a couple of times then some one answered "911 what is your emergency" tears still streaming down my face I told them what I happened and they said that some one would be there is 10 minutes. I unfolded the note and read it. "This is only the begging x[ P.S. I am sorry" I folded the note back up then the police arrived. I opened the door and told them to follow me I showed them the bodies and gave them the note I got off my mom’s head and then the stench got to me and I ran to the bathroom to throw up like Belle had done before but in didn’t through up. I just sat there staring at the walls.

I walked out and I saw a police person taping off my parents room. The other was on their radio. I went and sat with Belle and Devon on the couch. I turned towards Devon thinking it was Belle and cried into his shoulder he puts his arms around me and pulled me closer. Belle leaned over and onto my back. I stoped crying long enough that I could choke out some words. "" I asked "you can live with me" Devon offered "or me" Belle added on. "Thanks you guys this means so much to me but what would your parents say" I asked trough my tears. "Lily you know that both of ours parents will take you in any time" Devon said.. I sat up Devon let go and Belle sat up too "OH MY GOSH" I yelled "WHAT" they both said at the same time "Devon your shirt it is ruined" his bright white hollister shirt. With my make up all over the one shoulder. "Oh it’s no problem" he said taking his shirt off. I couldn’t help my self from leaning back over to the safety I felt with him and Belle laid back down on my back.

"I am going to call my mom to see if you can stay over I think you will if I tell her what has happened" Belle said "ok" I replied moving to sit on Devon’s lap so my body didn’t hurt from my position. I could only hear Belle faintly in the back round."hi mom can Lily stay with us for a while then there was a pause "MOM her parents were murdered she has no where else to go" another pause "ok thanks mom bye love you" she hung up the phone and walked over. "Whoa am I uh breaking any thing up" she said with her smile back on her face "no I was just crying again and Devon was comforting me" I told her. I got up from hugging Devon and walked over to where more police people and some crime lab investigators were and I asked if I could go into my room to grab some clothes. "In about 5 minutes every thing will be ok to go in" the police women told me. I walked down the stairs and went to the closet and opened the door and grabbed a suite case to pack my clothes in.

5 minutes passed and the police woman came down and said it was ok to go in. So I walked in and got all of my clothes and left. We all went to Belle’s house. When we walked in the door Belle’s mother came running up to me. "Ooh honey you can stay with us as long as you need to" she said well giving me a hug. "Thank you very much" I told her hugging her back. We walked up to Belle’s room. It was late at night so she said she was going to go have a shower and Devon went to call his mom to tell her what had happened at that he would probably be staying over at Belle’s house. Belle had a double bed so we all had to share. Belle took up a lot of room so me and Devon only had half the bed for us both. Devon got off the phone and came and sat next to me on Belle’s bed.

It felt like forever then Devon broke the silence. "How are you feeling about you know what happened" he asked "well it is up setting but I will get over it because the best part about people dying is that you have memories with them" I said smiling. Just then Belle came walking out of the bathroom. In her pajamas I grabbed my bag and walked into the bathroom to get changed. I walked back out after I had gotten changed, washed my face and brushed my hair and teeth. It was 12:30 pm so I decided to go to bed. I walked over to Belle’s bed and crawled under the covers. Belle came a little later and got under the covers also. "Uh my mom said it was ok if I stayed over here for tonight" Devon told us "ooh my mom will be ok with that" Belle told him. "Ok" Devon said taking his shirt back off since he had to put it back on to come over to Belle’s house. He took off his socks and pants so he was in his boxers. I wasn’t paying attention I had my face buried in the pillow. But I felt the covers move and a warm body come close to mine.
I fell fast asleep almost in an instant and drifted into a horrible dream. All night long all I could see in my dreams were my dead parents there bodies lying on the floor with that terrible symbol carved into there bodies and pasted across the walls with their blood.

I woke up with Devon’s arms wrapped around me so tight that I couldn’t move. But I didn’t mind. I could hear his faint snoring as I was pressed against his chest. He probably had to keep me from tossing and turning all night during my nightmare. I went to get up and felt his grip tighten. "Your awake aren’t you"I whispered "yup" I snuggled in closer when Belle rolled over snoring loudly. "Why are you holding me" I asked him "you were thrashing during your sleep so I held you and you calmed down but when I let go you started thrashing again and I didn’t want you to wake Belle" he told me in a low husky voice. "Oh well then thanks" I said. We just layed there for about 15 minutes and then Belle woke up. Startled Devon let go of me and I shifted around and ended up with my back on Devon’s chest again while Belle stretched. "How did u guys sleep" Belle asked us I just turned over "I had to hold her to keep her from freaking out all night" I heard Devon whisper to Belle. "I’m going to have a shower" I told them "yeah I am going to go home, have a shower get changed and came back here" Devon said getting his pant shirt and socks back on. I was already in the bathroom so I peeked through the door to see Devon. "Why do I have to love him so much" I thought to myself.

Devon had left to go home for a little while and I had gotten in the shower, I washed my face hair and body. I had the water really hot trying to calm myself down I had been so tense. I got out of the shower and wrapped a towel around me and walked out of the bathroom. I was looking down at the ground when I came walking out and when I looked up there he was Devon sitting there wide eyed with one eyebrow raised and a smug grin on his face. Trying not to be embarrassed about what had happened I looked up and said "what is wrong" I asked like I didn’t know what was going on. "Um your only wearing a towel" Devon said staring at me "so you don’t have to stare" I said teasingly. "Ooh....uh... sorry" Devon said lowering his head to hide his now beet red face. I just chuckled to myself grabbing my bag and walking into the bathroom again to get changed.

I walked out “better” I asked Devon smugly as possible “much” he said. “So what do you guys want to do today” asked Belle. “Hmm what do you want Devon” I asked him. “Uh......let’s go to the beach” Devon suggested “ good idea” Belle and I said in unison. Belle and I grabbed swim suits and we all left and drove to Devon’s house. He ran inside and less then 5 minutes later he was back out. So we left for the beach. When we got there we all grabbed our bags and ran to get changed. We were all dressed and went to pick out a spot. A little while later we found the perfect spot and set up a umbrella. It was noon and about 25 degrees just standing there I was sweating. So I started running for the water “last on in has to get pushed off the platform by the other two" I yelled at them as I started running. Belle had come close up behind me and Devon was way back there. Both Belle and I knew that he was doing it on purpose he had a plan because he was a track star he could out run us even if we were have way there. Then I reached the water I was the first one there and Belle was second which made Devon last. I was standing there waiting for him to catch up while I was just standing there my mind kept floating away trying to figure out what he was thinking.

He finally got into the water and we swam out to the floating platform. It was really quiet today so almost no one at the beach which meant that we had the platform all to ourselves. We reached it and climbed up. We were all up and me and Belle smirked at each other and ran to push Devon in. But not to our surprise he pick us both up one in each arm. He threw Belle in first and then picked up my legs so he was holding m up by my back and under where your knee bends. Scared that he was going to throw me in to I shut my eyes and held my nose. But instead of me flying through the air I could still feel him holding me then WHOOSH the cold water ran over me but it felt good on such a hot day. Devon let go of me when we were under the water. So I swam up to the surface as did Devon. We swam over to the platform to where Belle was laughing uncontrollably. We got up while she tried to stand up to keep herself from rolling into the water.

After about an hour or two we started to get cold so we swam back over to the beach and ran to where our stuff was. I grabbed my towel out of my bag and what I saw made me stand there in shock. ANOTHER NOTE I was terrified to open it. I grabbed it and sat down on my towel. Devon and Belle were sitting either side of me. I had showed them the other two notes and had told them this one. We sat there in silence for a while. Then carefully I opened the note. And it read “I hope your having fun at the beach because your fun is going to be not so much fun later x[ P.S. yes you guessed right I am watching you all day every day!”

I sat there in shock and confused what did they mean by you r not going to have so much fun later with that horrible emotion that I hated because every time I got a letter like this some one ends up dying. “Let’s go” I said pulling on my shorts and tank top over my wet bathing suit. Belle did the same and Devon put his shirt on. We got out to the car and I got in the drivers seat. When every body was in with seat belts on I started the engine and it roared to life. I put it in drive and stepped on the gas petal. When we arrived at the police station I stopped and turned off the car. We walked into the police station. Our bathing suits and clothes were all dry now so we didn’t have to worry about that. I walked right up to the front desk and asked to talk to one of the police people that investigated my parents death. The woman behind the desk told us to dit down and the chairs up against the wall by the door. As I sat there I took in all of the police station’s features.

It had plain tan walls and faux black leather chairs. There were few windows and every where you look there is another door leading to a different room. I sat there as patiently as I could. But in my mind I was bouncing off the walls. This note had me scared every time there was that face some one I knew died. I was so scared I was shaking and I never even noticed. The secretary came over and told us that the chief was done with his business and would speak with us. We followed the secretary to his office. We walked inside and he motioned over for us to sit. We sat down on the three chairs in front of the deck they were exactly like the ones in the lobby.

“What’s the problem”
“another note from who ever it is that is stalking me and killing the people I know” I said throwing the note onto his desk. He took it read it and opened a drawer took out a file folder and put the note in it. There was an awkward silence in the room then he spoke “what shall we do about this”
“I have no idea what to do.” I told him shaking my head. “I think that we are going to assign each of you a body guard and they will like hide in the shadows and help when you need it.” he told us “no” I said shaking my head. “Okay but you will have to stay here for a while” the man told us. So we went back out to lobby and waited there. As we sat there talking about random stuff when my phone rang. I looked at the caller id and was shocked it was my house. I answered it kind of scared. Then I remembered my sister was coming o be boy our girl, what they will look like and that kind of stuff. Then for a visit from collage I quickly answered it. “Hel-lo” I said with my words broken “Lily are you there what is going on help my please LILY HELP!” I heard my sister then a blood curdling scream then a voice I knew I heard before. “If I were you I wouldn’t worry about sister any more she is” I thought I was going to fall apart but I managed not to. “Who are you what do you want” I said into the phone while Belle and Devon asking me again and again what was going on. “My name isn’t important and I am only here to avenge my father because of you he is....” the phone went silent for a moment. “Because of me he is what?” I demanded “HE IS DEAD!” the man yelled into the phone. I thought for a minute and then it came to me.

“JAY” I yelled into the phone. “It took you long enough to figure it out.” he said extremely smugly. “Your father deserved what happened to him he attacked me” at that moment Belle and Devon knew who I was talking about “Jay Montalo” they both whispered and I nodded. “But I promised him that I would do to you what you have done to him as long as I am able to”
“Well if I were you I would give up now” I said pressing the off button. I walk furiously over the police chief that was coming over towards us “Are you sure you don’t want body guards” and we just shook our heads. “I have some thing very important to tell you” I said with a stern face. “Jay Montalo called he is the one that has been killing the people he killed my sister just now.” I said trying not to cry. He had a blank look on his face for a while.

“I will get officers down there right now and we might be able to catch him” he said “I hope you do.” I told him “But do you mind if we come too?” I asked him “Uh sure but you will have to stay hidden.” I nodded in agreement. We arrived at my house and to my surprise Jay was still there.
“I AM TIRED OF RUNNING!” he screamed “I THOUGHT YOU WOULD HAVE FIGURED OUT IT WAS ME BY NOW I DON’T WANT TO KILL PEOPLE ANY MORE BUT MY PROMISE MAKES ME” Jay said falling to the ground “I don’t wanna live like this any more but my promise my promise it haunts me day and night and it won’t go away it just won’t” he said crying on the ground. “I can’t stand it I have to get out of this now. With that there was his last words he pointed the gun to himself and pulled the trigger. There was a loud bang and tears pooled in my eyes as I watched him die. Police men ran up to him felt his pulse and announced that he was dead and there was no chance of bringing him back. I felt Devon’s big arms around me hugging me. Belle was hugging me too. The police man saw us and took us back to the station. “Do you ave any one to stay with” he asked me as we walked in “Yeah she does with me” Belle told him. And he smiled.

It was only 2 days after and I had moved in with Belle and her family permanently when Devon texted me asking if we could meet at the park in 5 minutes. “Sure” I replied back. Belle had a huge grin on her face “What?” I asked her “ooh you’ll find out soon enough” she said. I looked at her and headed for the door to meet Devon. “Hey” I said running up to him “what is it?” I asked him. “Well 2 days ago when we saw Jay uh... you know kill himself I got to thinking we have to live every day as our last and tell people every thing that you need to tell them so here I go” he had said and then paused. “Lily I love you I always have and I thought you should know but this is stupid so uh....bye” he got up and started leaving. “WAIT” I yelled and he turned around “I love you too and you couldn’t see that I always have but I thought you didn’t so this is perfect.” he smiled and started walking over. I smiled back and ran up and kissed him right there in the middle of the park. We broke away and looked at each other. We walked back to Belle’s house hand in hand. “FINALLY” Belle yelled as we walked through the door “I have been waiting for this forever” she said as all 3 of us smiled. And there it was my happily ever after.

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this i wrote for a project but my friend thinks i should put it on here

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