Broken Promise

April 30, 2009
By Anonymous

This was taking it to far. She understood why her and Angelie were fighting but she was just retaliating. She didn’t think that Angelie would take it so seriously, and she most definitely didn’t think that Angelie was serious about wanting to kill her for what she did. But if Danika had just believed her she wouldn’t be running for her life. She wouldn’t have to be in this cursed forest just waiting for Angelie to come out behind one of those trees with a knife in her hand.

It hadn’t always been like this for those two. They grew up together as friends and had been in the same school since preschool. They didn’t start fighting till freshman year when Angelie had ditched Danika for a group of more popular girls claiming that Danika wasn’t cool enough for her. Danika was hurt for weeks before she realized that the only way for her to get Angelie to notice her was to get revenge. So she started the rivalry. It had just started with small things, embarrassing pranks and so on.

It went on like that for a while but it was only a matter of time before things started escalating and before either of them realized Angelie did the worst prank yet. Angelie remembered the biggest secret Danika had, one that only she knew. Angelie knew it was going to be perfect no one knew about it, not even Danika’s new friends but very soon the whole school would know that Danika had a fling with her older sisters boyfriend.

That little secret had almost ruined Danika’s social life but thankfully Danika didn’t have to do much to start rumors saying that it was actually Angelie that had that little problem not her and that Danika was actually the caring best friend that had to help out Angelie. But Danika was still not satisfied, she needed to get revenge… that had been her biggest secret and she didn’t take that very lightly. Suddenly a genius idea sprang into her head. She remembered when they were little and they made a deal that as best friends they would never take each other’s boyfriends and even thought it wasn’t as big what she had done to her but she thought it might do.

She had it all planned out. She had already started making eyes at Angelie’s boyfriend the record-breaking track star Clay. And after he knew she was interested it was even easier to get him to go out with her, his piercing green eyes and brown hair made him a classic womanizer. And it was also just as easy to get Angelie to find out about the date and show up, but she never expected her reaction.

As soon as Angelie showed up Clay had split, too afraid to confront her, and Angelie just watched him go before turning back to Danika and unleashing her fury. She went crazy, going all out on Danika driving her into the forest and you could see the madness in her eyes. Frantically Danika finds somewhere to hide but not for long. After a couple of minutes Angelie finally finds Danika and says the words that sealed her fate. Standing over her with the knife Angelie says, “You should have never broken our promise”

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