August 11, 2009
By Anonymous

It’s a cold winter morning and I sit hovered by the window. Sitting on the window seat blanketed by the warmth of your coat that still smells of freshly mowed grass and sea breeze. The snow is falling softly. Each flake flying towards a destination unknown. I watch, staring out far towards the river. As I continue to stare I suddenly see a dark speck appear far away. Heart in my throat, temperature rising, I raise up towards the window. Its so cold you can see each shadow of breath I make. Putting my fingers to the glass I trace the imprint of the heart left behind with our initials. This moment brings me back to a warm night filled with the smell of cedar. Were sitting on the floor by the fireplace. In your arms I feel safe. For this moment, I am happy you are home. My feelings are so great I cant imagine anything disrupting it. Almost instantly, a knock sounds upon the door. Anxious, I wonder who it could be. I look up to ask you but my words are suddenly lost. In your eyes I see guilt. I see fear. I see love. And then I know. I know that its time for you to leave. For a time you wont be mine anymore. You must go off and fight while I stay behind. Yearning and longing for the time when we will meet again. I feel something wet upon my cheek. Brought back to reality I notice im crying. My tears are falling fast. All the hurt. The sadness. The fear. Is pouring out. Looking out the window I realize the shadow has moved closer. I begin to see a shape that’s bent over seeking warmth from the cold. It gets closer and I realize it’s a guy. Frozen…I dare not breath for fear of possibly waking up and losing this. The man is at the window now. Shocked, I scream and fall back. I cant believe it. My eyes must be playing tricks. But no. standing in front me…..staring at me with those blue eyes I know so well and that black hair that constantly falls in his face….is the ghost of my dead husband.

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Vicky a. said...
on Aug. 13 2009 at 8:33 pm
I love it!!!!!!!!! I can tell this person put a lot of thought and emotion into this writing. A teen my age writing this, you can tell there minds go far beyond.

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