Soldier (Prologue)

August 10, 2009
By Suki-Itami SILVER, Bedford, Indiana
Suki-Itami SILVER, Bedford, Indiana
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In 3018, a soldier is someone who is expected to take an order and carry it out without a second thought. Most of them DON'T think about it, but a few do dwell on it afterwards. Because of those few, human soldiers are all but terminated.

In 3019, another great war broke out between the nations. Japan is the leading expert on creating synthetic “Soldiers” who have no emotion and who can kill on command. Every country they fought was forced to kneel before them, hopeless against these fighting machines.

Almost three months into the war, Japan loses control of an entire infantry of their “Soldiers”. They always assumed a missile took them out, but the truth was that this “Soldier” infantry was full of an advanced prototype that developed almost like humans. Due to this development, the “Soldiers” cut off their link with the Japanese commanders.

Until 3020, no one had seen the infantry because they split to try to live human. Because they couldn’t, they regroup and decide to destroy the humans that reject them so. Slowly but surely, they were taken out one by one.

These stories are the stories of 1st “Soldier” infantry division. The stories of human developing machines that had to be taken out for the safety of everyone, and everything, else.

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