Screw it, i don't care about titles.

August 10, 2009
By vball&twilight BRONZE, Winter Park, Florida
vball&twilight BRONZE, Winter Park, Florida
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Sometimes I just want to say "Screw the world. Screw the drooping plants and the unvaccuumed carpet and the freaking summer reading assignments. I really don't care about the plants, in fact we don't need them inside of our house, why don't we just have hardwood floors, and for God's sakes, we work hard enough during the school year; do you really think a page of writing is going to make us retain any of what we learned last year?" But I don't. Oops... Whatevs. Keep in mind its 12:50 AM Eastern time. I would bet you money that the only thing that keeps some people hanging on is Facebook, technology, McDonalds, and sports. So comment if you feel like it, but if you don't, then don't be afraid to say "Screw commenting!"

The author's comments:
Screw it I can't think of anything... lol it's not really fiction- tee hee.

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