If you were mine

August 10, 2009
By ohhaiigenny BRONZE, Southampton, Pennsylvania
ohhaiigenny BRONZE, Southampton, Pennsylvania
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Would you be surprised if i told you your eyes reminded me of crystallized amber chipped from artificial jewelry? Or would you trace my lips with morphine to keep honeyed phrases from escaping the tip of my tongue? Because i can't claim you. I can't claim an inch of your skin and tiny claws are mangling with my nerves so maybe i'll come to the realization that i'm out of breath when i'm uneasy, and i'm only uneasy when i'm not with you.

Am i not good enough, or are you too afraid to hold my hand, because for a moment, you might be letting me slip into your bubble? You're superficial on the outside, your muscles oozing with power and your head held high above clouds. But on the inside, your faith is engrossed by countless letdowns that stray from every skipped heartbeat, every secret.

Kindle your intentions while the stars are glowing -

because the moon is shivering with the wind, and i'm lashing underneath these crushed wings where kisses aren't enough to keep me from igniting your insecurities. You are ethanol in its purest form, and between my nervous fingers i can barely light the match; the rest is up to you.

Either the flame is cradled between our hands,or it captures love at its most alarming form.


I'm slipping away with every second.

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Jennax3 SILVER said...
on Aug. 17 2009 at 6:00 pm
Jennax3 SILVER, Palos Verdes Estates, California
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Wow! This is a gorgeous piece. This could be considered prose poetry, due to your beautifully poetic language and the format it is written in. I hope this gets published :)

on Aug. 13 2009 at 10:00 pm
lemons_r_crazy BRONZE, Holdenville, Oklahoma
3 articles 0 photos 17 comments
This was such a good article,I loved it!

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