Plese don't define me

April 5, 2009
By Anonymous

Suicide isnt your only option. I hear this same senteance over and over agin, day in, day out, It echoes round my mind untill the words merge together and lose all meaning. They end up floating round my brain, lost in translation. These 5 words follow me, wherever i go, hiding in the background. They're the static on the radio, the fuzziness around the edge of the picture on the T.V screen, the smudged ink at the bottom of the page. They have been spoken by many different people at many different times for many different reasons. When my best friend died, when i was bullied, when my girlfriend broke up with me, when i failed a test, when i watched a sad film, when someone laughs for no reason. As time goes on it takes less and less for these words to pass someones lips. Pretty soon they'll begin to define me. Maybe they already have. And, well, that's when my life becomes meaningless, because if 5 words can define you, your not really living anyway. Please, don't take my life away from me.

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