The Immune

August 6, 2009
By Yippy BRONZE, Kingston, Tennessee
Yippy BRONZE, Kingston, Tennessee
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It was the year 2150 in London, England when the tragic event happened. Everyone I knew died! The only person left besides me was James McCleary. I am Kristine Michaels. This is what happened to me and it’s in my point of view. Okay, anyway back to the story. We were the only people left. We are not sure why we were the only ones who survived the disease; James thinks that it might be because of the surgery we went through. He believes that it made us immune.

James and I met going in for our treatment a year ago. We both had two terminal cases of cancer and we were the scientists’ guinea pigs for their new treatment. We both knew we wouldn’t live that much longer, so we wanted to contribute to the people with our disease in the future.

The treatment that these scientists gave to James and I worked and now we are the only humans left.

“What are we gonna do?!” James exclaimed stressfully.

“I don’t know. All I know is that everyone around us just died and I’m guessing we are the only people left!” I said.

“Well, we have to do something!” James yelled.

“So, what do you suggest we do? There isn’t anything we can do. We are the ONLY PEOPLE LEFT!” I screamed.

“There has to be some way we can find out if we truly are the only ones left. We know everyone in the hospital is dead, so do you want to go look around to see if we can find someone?” James asked.

“I guess. That’s really all we can do. But what are we gonna do about all the bodies? We can’t just leave them there.” I said.

“For now, we’re gonna have to. We have to see if there is anyone else left.” James exclaimed.

So we went out looking for other people that lived through this. All the streets were abandoned, the televisions were nothing but static and everyone’s lights were off. We were running through the street knocking on all the doors and no one answered.

We went through about one hundred houses that night and nobody lived. We were all alone and there was nothing to do about it.

“Okay, we are the only people here and we have millions of dead bodies to get buried, or we will get ill and die ourselves. How are we gonna get everything cleaned up?” I asked.

“We can only do the people in this area and we might have to burn them. I know it seems wrong, but it is the only way we can get rid of the disease and all the bodies quickly.” James stated.

“Then, we heard a rustling in the house we were in. We both turned around and there he stood, wagging his tail and panting.

“What are you doin’ here, buddy? James, the disease must have only killed off the humans!” I exclaimed.

James and I never even noticed that we could hear birds chirping and bugs buzzing. Then we saw them. A young man, about twenty-five, and a young woman, about twenty-three were walking toward us.

“Who are you? How did you guys survive it?” asked the strange man.

“I’m James, and that’s Kristine, and excuse me, but I think we should be asking you the same question.” He said.

“I’m Robert and that’s my girlfriend Jackie,” the strange man exclaimed.

“How could they have survived it? We should have been the only ones still alive. That was our plan!” Jackie yelled.

“Now wait a minute. You are the cause of this? What kind of people are you?!” I asked in disgust.

“We were sick of how all the people were turning against each other and we wanted to get rid of everyone and create our own world,” laughed Jackie.

“But obviously we can’t do that with both of you still here!” Jackie continued.

I couldn’t believe it! These two people caused all of the deaths of those innocent people and they didn’t even care. That pushed me off the edge!

“Do you know how many innocent people you killed?!” I screamed. “You had no right to do that. You killed families all over the world and you both act as if nothing happened.” I began to cry and James put his hands around my shoulders trying to console me.

“We had every right. We created the best cure ever and no one gave us credit for it! Nobody appreciated what we did and what we could do. They underestimated us!” laughed Robert getting more hysterical by the minute.

“Wait a minute,” James paused. “What was this cure that you created?”

“It was for terminally ill cancer patients and we heard it worked too! I think it saved a young man and woman,” said Robert.

“Oh my gosh! They are the people that saved us James! That’s them,” I cried.
“What? Wait a minute, you two were the people in need of that treatment?” asked the Jackie.

“Yes, and we believe that it made us immune to this disease you ‘created’,” James stated.

“Our disease is very deadly and I don’t know what could have made you immune but…” Robert stopped suddenly. He started to fall and Jackie ran to him. As she reached him he started coughing up blood; his girlfriend started screaming. Robert died in her arms and I could not bear to watch.

“Why?! What happened?! I don’t understand! I can’t live without him!” cried the Jackie hysterically. Right after that she just collapsed. James and I still don’t know what happened to this day. We think they could have been exposed to the disease, but we are not sure.

It is now 2168, eighteen years later, and James and I are married and have twelve children. We are trying our best to repopulate the human world. One of our children has finally come of age to also start repopulating. That was the worst year of our lives. All of the losses we suffered were very hard to deal with, but we made it through and our family is very happy. It was difficult, but we all know that there is nothing that we can’t achieve.

The End.

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