Why People Live On Earth

August 5, 2009
By Nikki224 PLATINUM, Cave Creek, Arizona
Nikki224 PLATINUM, Cave Creek, Arizona
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The lakes filled with venom, the streams with snakes, so the humans lived underground for survival. In the dark holes sunlight never warmth the humans and they kept warm from the lava in the center of the earth. There were no days and no nights, no months and no seasons. All animals lived with the humans but one, the deceitful, the dreadful Joocuba that killed with one look of the eye. Joocuba’s drank venom from the lakes. One sip they took could kill one thousand humans.

Luck was with the humans and the animals for they were not curios, the gods and goddesses wanted to be sure they don’t get into trouble. Curiosity was but a legend. The humans lived with the smell of fungus and moss and the sight of death defying black with in there thin air. Two sisters were among those whose only sight was black. Layla’s hair was as black as night with eyes as clear and blue as the venom that crashed above her head. She knew not how she looked, for the blackness kept her eyes blinded, but how her personality kept her similar to all others. Ally was the opposite of her sister. Her hair was like silk and was blond that cut off at her shoulders. Her eyes were brown keeping secrets and emotions trapped behind them. She, like her sibling, knew not how she looked but how her personality was also similar to all others, but unlike her sister she felt as if it kept her normal “Layla,” called Ally’s musical voice.

“Yes,” answered Layla’s fragile voice

“Its time to leave, Salme wishes to speak with us,”

“Please tell me she did not have another one of her visions,”

“I am sorry but I will not lie to you,”

Layla trotted down the stairs. Salme was an elderly lady about the age of 72, with hair as white as the clouds she has never seen and eyes deep and loving. She had visions of blackness but heard voices within them, “stop being ignorant, she’s a kind lady with wise words” Ally said harshly. Layla ignored her sister and allowed her mind to lead her to the door. She stepped out into the caves and listened to the dripping of water pouring towards the lifeless floor, “Ugh” she said bitterly “What’s wrong this time?” barked Ally.

“Nothing you’d care about, just stepped in a puddle,”

“Well hurry up we don’t want to keep Salme waiting,”
Layla’s mind lead her toward the cave Salme used as a home, “Salme it’s us Layla and Ally,” whispered Layla her echo would carry her words to Salme.

“Come on in I knew it would be you,”
Of course she did, thought Layla, she told Ally to come. The two siblings let their minds guide them toward their destination. They came to the center of the cave and sat on the cold, hard floor, “yes the vision I had of you was different,” croaked Salme, not waiting for greetings and getting straight to the point.

“What happened?”

“I saw amazing things. These things were odd, they had things other then this dull black that I have grown use to. You see there were other colors!”
This was new to the siblings; color was black and gray nothing else. The two girls chorused “what was it like?”

“One color was like the smell of an apple pie it could wake you dream. Another was like petting a dog it filled you with warmth and comfort. There were also many others “

The girls were dazed imagining how it would feel to examine the colors enjoying the warmth it gave them, “what else did you see?” asked the girls.

“You two, I would have never known they were you if you did not speak. You two had color!”

“What was your vision about?”

“That was not as good. You two traveled above land in search of a Joocuba!”
Layla snapped back to reality awakening from her imagination. Then she spoke softly “What are Joocuba’s?”

“Ah, I have said too much already! All I will say is that Joocuba’s are said to be magic,”

“Tell me more!”

Salme had made up her mind and there was no dealing with Salme when her mind was made. But Salme made a mistake when menacing magic. Salme had made up Laylas mind as well. Layla was now going in search for the Joocuba and no one will get in her way. “Go know I must rest,” Salme whimpered. She was always tired after a vision. Layla silently glided to the door experiencing an emotion she never felt or heard of before.

Layla escaped from the home and began moving toward the rope ladder that led toward a new earth, a new universe. She began toward the earth that had color.

The rope was thick between her fingers. The ladder shook and Layla did not dare to look down. She was uncomfortable without earth beneath her feet but she continued up. As she climbed she seen something amazing, she saw light.

Her hands grabbed hold of the mysterious land and pulled herself up. She sat there in shock staring outward to the open field. Flowers dotted the earth floor and a wave filled the sky above her head. Salme did not describe the colors well enough; they were too stunning for words. Layla searched her mind for words that could come close to how the colors looked. They were like the strums a violin playing softly, whispering in the wind. The colors were also like the air turning into a great wind brushing against your skin. But, there were also colors of despair like the black that engulfed Layla and everyone else for too long of a time. Colors that the sight of them would cause tears to stride down your face in a great sob. As Layla sat there, her mouth wide in amazement, she did not notice the presence of Ally right beside her.

Ally shook back into reality, knowing how dangerous this place truly was. It may have looked astonishing, but under the beauty it was a devastating place. Ally looked at her sister and then shrieked at her for her stupidity, “This is beyond doubt the most moronic thing you could have ever done!”

Layla sat there the unknown emotion still brewing inside her. She started to weep and shrieked back at her sister “I hate this I truly beyond doubt hate this, I feel something I never felt or heard of before. I wish you could feel what I feel, I wish everyone can know what this is like!”

Layla made a terrible mistake yelling those words into the open air. The wind carried her voice toward the Joocuba. As the echo ended the Joocuba made a mischievous smile. Its eyes bared an evil red. The Joocuba granted a wish that would ruin this precious world. The Joocuba granted a wish to make humans experience a new emotion, one that could rid them of this world. The Joocuba made all humans and animals, but themselves, curious. All the people of the world were suddenly flooded with curiosity.

All within one second history changed. People began escaping out of the miserable holes they once called home and approached the new land they would, from this point on, call home.

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