March 12, 2009
By cryingblackeyes69 BRONZE, Quinlan, Texas
cryingblackeyes69 BRONZE, Quinlan, Texas
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All around me, eyes filled with hate and disgust glued themselves to me. I knew it was because I was
different. I didn't know how I was, but I knew I was because, well, I'm all alone. I have to
friends, no one to hang out with, the awkward child who was shunned from everyone else. I didn't
understand it. What have I done wrong? All my life, the stayed away from me and I never could
comprehend why. I hadn't done anything to them? So, why where they avoiding me like the plague? It
bothered me in my early years of life, such as pre-K to 6th grade. The teachers would contact my
parents, saying how I never socialized with the other children. Every time they did so, every time I
came home, my mother would scoop me into her arms. She may not have known, but I always saw a tear
or two escape her loving eyes. This went on for years and every year it tore me up inside. Finally
in the 7th grade, I leaned to ignore them and their ugly stares. The phone calls to my parents would
stop, and the hugs of acceptance kept coming. I felt like the only place I was loved was at home.
But I knew that my social awkwardness still troubled my mother. I didn't want to put this kind of
grief on her. She didn't deserve what was my problem. Now I entered my freshman year of
high-school. The same people I grew up with became beautiful, yet they still stared at me like I was
some abomination. Maybe I really was, and couldn't see it for myself. The heavier thoughts began
to sit it. What if I was alone for the rest of my miserable? Was I doomed to live with my parents at
the age we were expected to be responsible adults? I didn't want to place that upon my parents who
have taken care of me for so long. All of the wonderful things they've done. It was Friday night
and I pushed them out of the house, claiming that needed to get out more and that I would clean the
house in their absence. After much persuasion, I managed to get them out of the house. When their
car disappeared down the dark road, decided to put an end to it all.

The author's comments:
The some what moral of the story is try to accept someone, even if they are different. Maybe they've had it rough and need a friend. Try and be that friend

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on Feb. 4 2010 at 1:07 pm
cryingblackeyes69 BRONZE, Quinlan, Texas
3 articles 0 photos 3 comments
Thank you so much! I don't feel like it's some of my greatest work but the comment is appreciated.

on Aug. 5 2009 at 11:25 pm
pinksage33 BRONZE, Woodstock, New York
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Ohhh. This is good. you should wright more of the storie.

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