When the Cicadas Cry chapter 4

July 4, 2009
By lexwithtexmex GOLD, Clearwater, Florida
lexwithtexmex GOLD, Clearwater, Florida
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“ Are you awake? Wake up my dear. Don’t you know that you are not as entertaining when you are sleep compared to awake?” The laugh carried in the cool mist kissing Melanie‘s lips. He walked over her and looked at her limp body, slim and near bear on the grassy carpet. She had smooth tan skin with tiny blonde hairs coating her navel. He knelt beside her twist her hair in his fingers.

“ It looks like an angel has found me. I wonder does this angel have a name?” Her pulled her hair back behind her ear and focused on her face. Her hair was warm along with the skin on her face, sweet and serene in its slumber. Skin unmarked all the way down her chest until the cloth broke his concentration. He pondered how she had gotten to be in the garden but just as he was going to look at the rest of her she started to budge. Slowly she regained conussness, looking around the garden. He could see her eyes fill with amazement when she took in the sights. The sky was the same golden rust color with towers of purple clouds in the horizon. Flowers that glow with the most vibrant color. Everything was like glass, shiny and wet. A rainy dawn or dusk.

“Where, where am I? Am I still dreaming?” She stared at the neon green grass beneath her. They swayed barely in the mist, soft and moist. Reaching out with her hand she went to pluck a blade of the carpet when it sliced her finger. Blood quickly surfaced and sliver down her palm.

“ You should be careful.” She froze, still as the dew on the grass beside her afraid to learn where that voice came from. It was low, a deep baritone that echoed in her short-term memory. The mist picked up again and sent particles of water onto her face, which eased her fright but didn't erase it. Who was that she thought, it was too real feeling for her. Everything was so real that she knew it had to be a dream. A dream which she couldn't really decide if she was actually dreaming or not. He waited behind her, wondering her next move. Would she look back or she is doomed to become a victim of fright. He chuckled to himself thinking that. The recent memory of reality and the scream that came along with it. He wondered if she could sleep with out his face in her memory. Smiling to himself he bent down to her level resting his arm on his leg not making a sound. She looked to both sides worried something is right in her face and she could see it. Relaxing a bit Melanie sucked on her pulsating finger tasting rusting iron in her blood. Pulling the finger out she saw that it was the equivalent to a bad paper cut.

“Damn it.”

“ Why were you sucking your finger?” This time she whipped around to be not even five inches from the most horrifying face she had ever seen. It wasn't deformed nor repulsive but too handsome, sharp, grayish blue skin. His eyes where like a copper gold that swirled in a goblet. She pulled back opening her mouth to scream but no sound came out. Not a sound emitted from her lips but that wasn't the case with him. Not at all. His face contoured from a cunning grin to almost a lipless smile, every last tooth in it pure snow enamel and sharpness hung like draggers. He was like the impression of your devilish gargoyle, a masterpiece, and a frightening one.

“ You are bleeding. The grass cuts at times; you have to grow immunity to it.” Melanie was on her elbows against the bark of an old willow tree she could feel the cuts surface on her elbow. They stung and burned bringing tears to her eyes. He reached out to save one from falling but she filched away too quickly scratching her hands. He leaned in to see the damage but stayed his ground. Thin cuts all on her arms rising.

“ You need to go to the fountain and wash them out. Will you be able to walk or will I have to carry you?” He smiled careful now not to reveal his teeth. Melanie careful now propped herself to stand her arms still throbbing red. He rose as well towering her by at least six full-elongated inches. She stared at his skin, ashen like blue moving from his waist to his chest to his sharp angled face. Sharp cheeks and points on his lips.

“ You are not bad looking yourself” all the color from Melanie's face slipped away and that same laugh echoed though the trees. He shook his head and motioned her to follow extending a hand for her to take.

“Im not taking it, where the hell am I and maybe I'll take your hand. I want answers you got it?” She surprised herself. Usually she wasn't so brash, just timid but this was a dream. A very odd dream. He just shrugged and continued to walk through a stone archway. The inscription was crumbling but she could only make out a few words like moon, light, and fate. She rushed up to keep with him walking at an extreme pace.

“Will you please slow down?” But he didn't just keep walking, past twisting trees that bore strange fruit like teardrops, clear and water like. Flowers that released the most beautiful scents, a scent for every memory. One reminded her so much of being on the beach, it was small with blue green petals, the stem was brown and looked fragile. They came around a tall statue of a couple dancing, a flower in her hair which hung down to her thighs. They walked around more statues becoming more beautiful as they walked by silent except for the occasional gasp from Mel. She was amazed at the artistry and the material used. They all looked to be made from lapis lazuli but then some were made of rose quartz and jade.

“ We are here, is time to answer your big list of questions?” She looked past his blue shoulder and saw the most beautiful statue she has ever seen. A woman standing in the middle of the fountain, her tears were pouring into the pond. He took her hands gently and guided her closer to the fountain eventually placing her arm in the water. It wasn't like a mall fountain where there are barriers but more like a shallow pond or puddle that came up to your knees. She had delicate features, small nose, and cupid bow lips. Her eyes where just spheres, watery sphere that leaked out healing waters. Made out of a crystal or diamond her body was. The dress draped around loosely and the braid in her hair. She was the utmost beautiful thing Melanie as ever seen. As he dipped her arms into the water she felt an instant cooling sensation, icy numbness wash over her. He dripped water along her arms where she couldn't place in the water without being completely drenched.

“ She is called Nolani, woman of the mist. I don't know how she got here truly but she is here is she not? Now you have questions, and I can not guarantee an answer. My name is Nox, I reside here, and I would suppose this is a dream for you. Its my first dream I assume, no one has ever been here except for myself.” Finally he drew her arms out of the water fully healed and unmarked. Nox couldn't help but feel her arm, tracing the shape and feeling the texture of the small hairs that covered her. Melanie was too entranced by him observing her arm. Humble hands, the nails were lighter than his skin but not one hair on his arm, on his face, head, anywhere. A model from the depths of her own imagination.

“ I suppose this is a dream, Melanie that’s my name if you didn't already know.” He tried not to smile but it was a failed attempt.

“ I don't know you at all, I don't know your name, where you are from, what you dream of but you are most interesting do you know that? Not like Morgan, but different.” She pulled away from him and sat on the ground puzzled.

“ Who is Morgan?”

“ My only friend, until now.”

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