When the Cicadas Cry chapter 3

July 4, 2009
By lexwithtexmex GOLD, Clearwater, Florida
lexwithtexmex GOLD, Clearwater, Florida
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The house was quiet, still as Melanie walked in tossing her keys on to the marble counter as she peeled off her black suede boots into the corner. They fell next to the wet umbrella, which she leaned against the pale blue wall. They rested on top of each other as if lying on top of each other for comfort. Mel walked from the kitchen to the couch where she plopped without a word. The kitchen looked out over the living room where a ball of fur curled him on the ivory couch beside her. She was so tired from a day of running around, doing errands for stuck up models, and hanging clothing for those to lazy to pick them up. She manages to draw between photo shots. She secretly hated them for being so beautiful and yet she loved how beautiful they were. The way nature had cursed them with the faces of water nymphs lucid in the current. How nature cursed her with being so plain. Reaching for the remote Mel shook her wet mousy hair loose and pretended to have a photographer shoot endless digital paintings or a meticulous artist make her look even more radiant than what she was before him. She knew it was just a thought, a mysterious fantasy. But she continues to believe there was someone who would at least look at her like she wasn’t normal. She giggled for a second thinking how normal some people were. Wondering what did normal mean for her and everyone else.

The dream ended quick with the sight of news anchors and reporters discussing recent events within the county limits of Poynter. Accident on highway 45, new things happening downtown. Same old, same old. Sitting up Thomas her graying but wise tabby cat walked besides her caressing her face with his tail. He nuzzled into her arm.

“ You must be hungry. Wait just a while and I'll get you some food.” She briefly smiled, sighed then got up from the couch. Leaving the television on she walked into the bathroom and turned on the silver facet. Watching the water run she wished it could just heal her depression, washing all the stress trusted upon her. Parents that always wanted more from her and her boyfriend who she knew was cheating on her for the girl who works at the front desk. She couldn't blame him. She was pretty, confident and easy going. Melanie didn't even know how she was able to hook him and she knew everyone else was thinking the same way. He was totally out of her league. A model who was sweet enough to stay after a shoot and clean up with her. After awhile he saw her more often throughout shoots and eventually they dated. Looking in the mirror Melanie tied up her hair and splashed the water in her eyes. Slipping out of clothes she quickly replaced them with sweat pants and a black sports bra. She bent over to check her feet, which felt like blisters, was spouting from the soles when her jean pocket began to ring. Beethoven's moonlight sonata. Reaching to it she stopped her self. It’s probably James, checking on her again. She ignored the melody and remembered her promise to Thomas. It was only a few simple strides to the top of the refrigerator where tom’s food awaited him. Pulling down the paper bag of tuna flavor cat food she glanced over her shoulder to see how the weather would be for tomorrow. Rainy. Melanie merely grimaced at the thought of another rainy day. It had rained all this week and the last thing she wanted was another damp wet afternoon. Reaching the fridge she grabbed the first beer her bear fingers could touch. Thomas jumped on to the counter as she poured out little chunks of fish like kibble. Neatly folding the bag up she took a sip of beer and folded back into the arms of the sofa. News, AVP volleyball match, crime shows, mtv, stupid commercial, Disney feel good movie. In a brief summary, nothing was on TV.

“Ugh, there is only crap on now.” She thought back to the black berry in her old navy jean back pocket and the message it probably had. Reluctant to really get up again she almost jogged to the bathroom, swiped up the clothes throwing them into the hamper and stashing her phone in the space of her sports bra. One trip, no returns. The last trip to the couch and probably the last trip anywhere in the apartment she thought. Two missed messages. James and Margaret. James message was simple.

“ Hey just calling cause im bored, nothings on TV except for like the little mermaid. Don’t forget we are going to dinner tomorrow night if I don't have things that come first.” Rolling her eyes she stared at the text on the screen from Margaret.

“ Hey, are you still at work, I have a gig coming up on Saturday and I want you to be there. Come check us out. Maybe you can play with us, but you always say no. Later girl.” Melanie just smiled pressing her end button. She will never play with them; it’s just not her kind of music or her thing at all. James was right, thought Mel; Ariel was singing her fins off for that jerk she liked. Eventually she turned off the TV and sat in the darkness. It wasn't completely dark but enough to where you couldn’t be sure what was in front of you. Lifting her hand she watched as the light from outside hit it and casting shadows on the pale blue wall now gray. Slowly her arm fell beside her face as she yawned. She could hear Thomas in the kitchen trying to find pieces of tiny tuna kibble on the white tile floor.

I wonder, she thought, maybe if I just slept would I just forget about today. Vivid memories of earlier today flashed through her mind the flash of a camera. Late to work, Alan the photographer she somewhat works with commenting how dreadful she looked and how she better pull up. Models and pictures, sceneries and lights. Being an assistant, an intern officially sucked in her book of answers. She thought back on to the invitation from Margaret and nearly jumped up. She was supposed to go out to dinner with James. She didn’t really want to go. Just the thought of him just talking about himself and how hard it is to keep up with his body made her think that maybe he was as much as a anorexic as the female models which she has only see them eat fruit and smoke light cigarettes. Sometimes changing rooms where just a cloud of fresh cancer filled smoke.

“ Damn it. Im going to have to tell her I cant go.” Leaning over the couch she took another sip of warming beer and dropped the phone beside it hoping she wont have to hear it again till tomorrow. She glanced at the ceiling watching the fan twirl in endless circles.

“ Tom? You still awake Hun?” Turning over she could see his huge yellow eyes catch every bit of light in the room, almost glowing. He sat on the counter centering his focus at his tired master. She turned back to the ceiling letting loose a large yawn spreading all of her fingers and toes only to flop them against the couch once again. The wind from the fan blew the curtains at the glass door in a storm, a near whirlwind of cream as Melanie was carried away to sleep.

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