Facing Past Regrets.

July 2, 2009
xistence is key. Time is of the essence. Everything you've worked for, everything you strive for, can be smashed in a matter of seconds. Everything you loved...all of your aspirations: gone. You become lost ever to the point where amnesia does not even compare. Nothing is the same. Fading is the only illusion you face. Melting to nothing. Gasping for air when you're lungs are breaking upon each breath you take. Weak at the knees. Bones frail and empty. Heart as heavy as iron. Down to the point where the pain reaches its height, but only at the thoughts of your own past. Everything has now become nothing. You are soaring so low. Ready to face tomorrow, only with the air in your lungs and a heavy heart. Running out of time. It's too late to go back.

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