The diary of a successful fashion intern: Ranch girl meets the big apple

June 30, 2009
By fashiongeek104 BRONZE, Dallas, Pennsylvania
fashiongeek104 BRONZE, Dallas, Pennsylvania
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As I packed my things, in my fake Louis Vuitton Suitcases I think about this summer, what I am going to be doing. And, also where I am going to be. Of course, I looked around my small country ranch house, I keep thinking about all my summers that I have spent here, In this little brown ranch home just in this little town of Dallas , PA. Dallas is not well known . Most people who live here in this tiny town are farmers, or bakers, or people who love to hunt anything from birds to bears. But, it is a nice town to live in. Of course, the only problem is that everyone here stays in one place for the rest of their life. I have other plans, I have stayed here for all my summers. And, I am sick of it. I am a junior in high school now, I have to figure out what I want. I have to figure out who I want to be. Of course, I love fashion and everything about it. So, I am now going to pursue that. A few months ago, I applied for a fashion internship at Diane Von Furstenberg. And, for those reading this journal and not knowing who she is {which really everyone should know who she is } She is the top fashion designer for dresses and wraps. Her huge studio is in New York City. And, fortunately I get to go there. I am so excited! Of course , no one knew that this girl from a little town in Pennsylvania would actually get a job working for one of the biggest fashion designers in the world. So, I have to make a good impression. So, as I drove away and said bye to my parents, I went. I was kind of scared at first because I have never really gone to a big city by myself before. But, as I said, {Or I’m going to say}, it’s a new and riveting experience and I am going to soak in every minute of it. As, I put on my real DKNY sunglasses, I look up at the sun and I take a long deep breath. It’s about 2 o clock and I have been on the road for an hour already. I keep driving , and I turn the radio on with my bright red fingernails. I always have to know what goes on in the world. I have to know a lot of things that happen. Anyway, I keep looking at my watch I want to know when I am going get to the city. I keep thinking in my mind what I am in for this summer, and what I am going to learn about Merchandising. Merchandising is really all about promoting new styles and selling fashion items. It really helps to work for a designer when you know how to work a bisness or even how to sell styles.Anyway, I finally pull into the Lincoln Tunnel. For anyone who has never been to New York City or who has never been in the Lincoln Tunnel, be prepared to be stuck in a black tunnel with screaming tourists for hours. But, do you know what happens next? Well, keep reading the diary of a successful fashion intern, and you will find out. XOXO always

- Krissy Alp

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