My Gorgeous Smile

July 25, 2009
By Maha Khan BRONZE, Stafford, Texas
Maha Khan BRONZE, Stafford, Texas
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Molly walked through the door with nervous eyes. The spaceship from her planet was round and purple. Her hands were white with happiness at getting to see real humans. As she bounded off the spaceship she saw a human boy her size, which was rather large, like her.

“Oh my, my first encounter with a human!” she thought. “Remember, act human!!!”

She cracked her neck at both sides and walked towards the fat human boy. She looked through the human teens dictionary and found the right words.

“YO HOMIE DOG!!! GET YO BOOTIE OVA HERE!!!” she said confidently.

The boy turned around in shock and stared at her.

“I wonder why he is looking at me so shocked,” Molly thought, “maybe it is because I am so pretty”


The boy backed away fearfully, muttering something about “why do they let those jail maniacs loose?”

Molly then went to the nearest building because she felt a need to empty her bucket. She walked into the shop and asked, “excuse me, human, I mean “ma'am” where is the nearest bucket stop?”

The lady looked her up and down and stared at her with wide eyes, “What?”

Molly urgently took out her human dictionary to see the problem.

“I mean “shower” she stretched the words out to make sure she said it properly.

“We do not have showers here.”

Molly was confused. Don't humans have buckets to empty? She thought they did.

“So you people don't ever empty your buckets???”

The lady seemed confused. Molly pointed towards her large butt.

“This never fills up?” Molly asked to make her point clear.

The lady seemed to think Molly was weird or something. “Um.. do you mean the restroom?”

Molly snapped out her dictionary again. “AHA!! that's it!!! Lead the way human female.”

The lady gave her a weird glance and awkwardly showed her to the male one and walked away.

Odd, she seems to be confused to which is which. My beauty blinded her... thought Molly

Molly ha stepped inside the small square stall and let out her pee. Suddenly a sound was made and the bowl's water moved!!She screamed in horror at the live bow!!!


A lady knocked on the stall to make sure everything was in order.

“Are you okay?”

Molly pulled her trousers up and screamed, “NO, THAT THING YOU CALL A BOWL IS ALIVE!!!”

“It's called an automatic toilet. Where are you from ? The nineteenth century?”

“NO, I am from where humans are!! Do you think I'm not??? Huh?? Huh??” she looked side to side nervously and stormed out, running into the street.

All of a sudden she saw a poster saying “Do you want to be model? Call this number.”

AHAH! If anyone asks what I do I will say I am a model! Now, I need a place, “hotel” to stay.

She found a hotel and gave some human money to the man in charge. He gave her the keys to the hotel and she smiled. Upon seeing her hideous smile his worst nightmares came alive. He rubbed his eyes to make sure he was seeing correctly.

“Is anything the matter? I think you are astounded by the beauty of my face.”

The man muttered something about nightmares coming alive. So that he wouldn't have to answer her comment, he asked, “What do you do?” He didn't add “except torture people by smiling”

“Oh I am a ... model!

His eyes opened wide in horror and shock!

She said “ I know, I think I should be in Paris by now, too.” She smiled even more widely.

He covered his eyes and ran screaming she didn't have to pay or the next ten years as long as she didn't smile.

“I think my beauty is too great for him. Poor guy, he never got to see me move to the the groove.”

Upon stepping inside her hotel, she saw a kit on the bed. She opened it and it had a shaving stick, cream, and tons of makeup, and a pimple remover. Along with that, it had a beauty salon pamphlet.

“What is this? My beauty has compelled him to buy this? She called the front desk and told them about the box.

The person at the phone said “our boss told us it was to be left specially for you.”

“Well, I am flattered,” She never felt cooler than this!

Molly smiled as she thought of how she was already a hit with humans males.

She decided to call the model company and arrange an appointment for tomorrow morning. Then she went to the mirror in her bathroom.

It cracked and she thought of how the mirror cant stand her beauty, either. She looked at her short dyed gray ear length hair slicked back. Her weight was only 390.(thousand). Her clothes were tight dorky pants (she couldn't find skinny jeans that fit her) with huge gray shirts tucked in. on top. Her dorky glasses shimmered with joy.

The next morning, she went to the modeling place. The door wouldn't open when she pushed so she smiled at it and broke it. She picked up an application and the first thing it said was male or female. She went to check female then a child came behind her and said, Sir, you must have accidentally circled the wrong gender, the child said innocently.

Maha suddenly saw her alien friends bursting through the windows screaming “We found you! Let's return to our planet! The humans are hideous here... It is no place for someone as good-looking as you to be!”

“Oh! I know! Sorry modeling place, but you are not good enough for me!” Maha screamed.

Some so called models that were thin, tall, elegant, and had long silky hair saw Maha and screamed. Maha looked at them and screamed.

“FELLOW ALIENS WE ARE LEAVING. THE PEOPLE HERE ARE JUST TOO HIDEOUS!!!” She jumped on the ship and floated away.


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