John Hunt Special Mission 1

July 24, 2009
By jeffrey kim BRONZE, Brentwood, California
jeffrey kim BRONZE, Brentwood, California
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I knew right from the start that he was going to kill me. But it was my mission to kill him so I knew from the start to attack. He charged after me but I knew he had helpers so I simply dodged him. He took out to revolvers. He shot me 6 times but until he ran out of ammo he threw the gun away. I ducked under the bullet it was so close to hitting me so I felt the bullet graze my neck.
I charged after him and took out my knife. I tried to stab him in the neck but missed then I tricked him by pretending to stab him in the stomach then I slide kicked him.
One if his helpers jumped in front of me so my target would flee. Not enough. I tried to punch him but he blocked but then I punched him in the stomach rapidly. He staggered back but it was to late I spin kicked him in the face. Every thing I saw went slow. He fell on to the ground and by the time he landed other helpers came. Two charged after me. Left, had a knife. Right, had a gun. So I slid under and the enemy shot his guy but he didn’t care. He shot the ground with his pistol but it war just right above me. But before he could shoot I slid and hit him in the shin. I flipped back up and stared at everyone else. They charged after me I concentrated all my strength, than I closed my eyes, just hearing the sound. I took a knife and I stabbed behind me then in front of me. Then I jumped up and split kicked two men. I opened my eyes.
7 men lay on the ground. I ran to the target. He took a right turn to the grocery. I took out a smoke bomb to check if it was still there. Than I put on the smoke goggles. I slid into the grocery store. I uncapped the smoke bomb and threw it in the middle of the grocery store. Smoke rose from the bomb. Every one started to scream. I spotted the target. I stood up from my crouching position. I took out my switch knife and threw it at him. It missed to be jabbed but it made a gash on his leg. Oddly the skin started closing the wound quickly. He started to run and he busted through the door.
I took out two more knives. At last after preparing myself I ran after him. I jumped through the broken window without being hurt by the glass. He got in the car and revved the engine.
I jumped on to a car unnoticed. Target took a big swerve too the left. So I jumped on to his car. He must have noticed me cause he took a left turn into the sidewalk and off the bridge and into a different street all cars parked and came out of the car. I took a jump and landed on a tree branch but I kept falling. I finally hit the ground. I took out a clutch gun and carefully aimed it at his car. I slowly pulled the trigger and in a second I was dragged toward the enemy car. When I got to the car I jumped onto it. I took a knife and cut out a hole. I took out the debris and got in the car. I hit the target on the neck and pushed him out the car.

Mission complete.

The author's comments:
I had trouble finding the name but also my intro to the book is still in editing progress.

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