Manuel the Mad Man:Legend of El Chupacabra

July 24, 2009
By Kiara Donaldson SILVER, Muskegon, Michigan
Kiara Donaldson SILVER, Muskegon, Michigan
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It was a dark and stormy night when scientist Manuel Ramirez was working on a new creation that would run off of animal blood, and be able to reconstruct the blood of any animal into human blood for soldiers that were injured in combat. The Puerto Rican night sky was filled with dark shades of purple and orange. As Manuel mixed up his chemicals and began to test them on his subjects to create the perfect blood sucking machine. Manuel did all of his experiments outside his work base in a small shack covered in foil plates and medal rods to instill fear in the locals that tend to wonder around. He began to mold this creature using limbs of dead animals that he gathered. Hours passed by and the storm began to build and became more violent. The wind crashed into the small shack and shook the windows. A burst of thunder raddled the ground and sent a silent chill through Manuel, but he refused to stop until he was done creating the beast that is now known as El Chupacabra. With one pull of the lever an electric shock flowed threw the dead corps that Manuel had modified. The lights flickered on and off then to Manuel’s amazement the six-foot creature rose to its feet.

Standing upright like a human the creature leered at Manuel incoherently. Its appearance was very different from anything Manuel had ever seen. With the ability to change colors like a chameleon and jagged claws similar to those of a lion this creature was the perfect accessory for combat. As the storm began to calm down Manuel took the hideous creature into the field to begin testing its abilities. The first test subject was a goat that was native to the Puerto Rican islands. With a quick jerk of its body the beast attached itself to the goat and began to extract its blood from its body by using a sucking tactic. After the process was complete Manuel noticed that the creature left a small incision on the neck of the goat, but there was no trace of organs, and there was little to no blood remaining inside the goat. His experiment had been a total success. He had created a blood-sucking animal with traits that would make it unstoppable in the wild. On the last night of Manuel’s research he tested the man made beast for the last time before showing it off to his corporation. Manuel started to make his way to the old dusty shack. Covered in a rain jacket and a hat to protect him from the violent rain a shout came from a distance
“Manny don’t go out there the storm his too strong and I’m afraid that you will not come back alive.” His wife pleaded from a distance.
“ I am going to be okay mi amor!” Manuel explained and gave his wife a warm justifying smile. As he continued to the shack the storm became more violent. Inside the shack the creature sat at attention waiting patiently for Manuel’s return. “ Mijo I have come to set you free.” Manuel shouted. “Just one more test,” He explained. Strapping his creation to the table he started to probe and fix any tears in the creatures structure. With a final pull of the lever an electric current flowed threw the beast. Outside the shack lightning struck the roof and sent a patch of smoke in the air. The shack burst into flames and that was the last anyone ever heard of Manuel. They say that you can still see the creature now know as el chupacabra “ the goat sucker” wondering around Puerto Rico and is responsible for the death of many goats and animals in the area.

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