The Oasis

June 8, 2009
By Jerry Lee BRONZE, Burnaby, Other
Jerry Lee BRONZE, Burnaby, Other
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Once upon a time there were thousands of villages that settled across the vast desert. However, one by one the villages began to perish from the scorching sun and ceased to exist. Although, the villages disappeared at a drastic rate, one village gifted with an oasis lived in harmony with the sun. The oasis always replenished at the end of the week. The villagers were pleased and worshipped the oasis like their saviour. While other villagers in the surroundings began to wither away, this village grew at a scary pace. When the population of the village reached a thousand, the oasis did not replenish back to its fullest condition.
The villagers used the water carelessly. Adults tried to grow plants in the barren, fertile soil and the children swam in the oasis and splashed the water back and forth. The villagers’ did not bother to worship the oasis and simply took it for granted. Even though the elders of the village had taught the present generation the importance of the oasis, nobody ever listened. The elders’ words seem to enter the ear and took some precaution, but would leave the very next day. The present generation lived in rejoice and happiness; not having to worry about the days of tomorrow.
As decades passed, the future generation started to realize that the oasis never reached back to the top anymore. Although, the awareness became prevalent within the villagers, only the minority of the population ever cared. The majority needed their goods and most of them searched the pleasure that their past generation felt. With endless greed for water, the oasis began to diminish drastically as the bottom of the water was now clearly seen, but the insolence of the villagers increased drastically.
One day there was a heat wave that lasted two weeks. Everyone hid in the shadows of their homes. Soon, when the heat wave was over, the villagers were desperate for water and ran down to the oasis. However, the oasis was dry and sands at the bottom of the pit glistened. The oasis was gone. The village did not last very long after that as all of them moved out in search of another utopia. The village, along with the other villages that lived on that desert, perished.

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