The Dead

March 13, 2009
By Venus BRONZE, Brampton, Other
Venus BRONZE, Brampton, Other
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"People are like tea bags, if you put them into hot water you will see their true colours." - Pastor Carlos

The games hard. Real hard. Ever since I was fourteen I've wanted to join the game. I've wanted
to be with the boys who carry the big guns. They're the ones to shoot you down in M.A. just for
wearing your cap backwards. They're the real men. They got the money. They got respect. That's
all I want. To bad I'm white.

Mom and Dad moved to the M.A. last year, they said it was a down grade but the house was alright.
The school was stuffpy but the teachers were alright. After a month I got use to the rooms that
smelled and the smelly washrooms, (they smelled too.) I made a friend, his name
was Drift (that was his rap name.) and he was kinda new too. He said 'M.A. is a hard place to
live. You always gotta watch your back. Everyone in green either got a gun or got shot by one.'
Last week he showed me his gun that he grabbed off of his main man Jamie. 'Are you serious dog?
This gun is dope!' said my main man Drift with a soft voice 'cause he was trying to make sure
his mom didn't hear him. Drift said he got the gun 'cause one of his main men Jay Jay got
skinned by a bullet two days ago 'cause he called Crime Stoppers about the shooting on his girls
street. Jay Jay got money for that stuff. Going home was rough 'cause my parents weren't into
this 'gangster' thing. When I got home that night two g's parked their behinds' on my porch
looking at me. I never walked away from a g, so I walked in my house and didn't even look at them.
'You wanna live little boy?' asked the man behind me, now holding a metal object to my head.
'Yeah I wanna live!' I said with a little attitude, 'You wanna lay up off me BOY?' I
couldn't believe I said that, I heard 'bout g's getting killed for pulling foolishness like
that. 'Yo, you g's hear this boy?' he said as he jammed his piece in my head. 'Boy you got
nerve. You think you can pull that kinda stuff with me? Do you know who I am boy?' I was scared,
so I took my last breath and turned around. 'What kinda garbage are you pulling g?!?' I yelled
to the biggest wanna be gangsta ever. Bai Bai. This g had no street credit, all the credit this man
got was from his credit card. 'Shoot.' I told Bai Bai. 'Are you crazy boy? You don't just
got nerve you got nerve. Shoot, little white boy thinks just because he wears his pants low he can
tell me what the heck to do? Boy I'll.' 'Shoot boy, shoot! You got nerve if you ask me''
'No one flippin' asked you boy. Yo, I'm out this kids trippin'.' I knew I couldn't just
turn around and leave the porch as soon as he started to walk, like my main man Drift told me,
'You always gotta watch your back'.' So when this wanna be drove off I walked inside my house.
As cold as it was inside, I knew my parents were home but I couldn't hear them, see them or even
smell them and my momma always was smelling good. I walked inside the kitchen, the family room, the
game room but no one was there. So I got something to eat and went into my parent's bedroom,
something smelt off, odd, not right and the smell got stronger and stronger when I went towards the
bathroom. I didn't know what to do, what if my mom was in the bathroom and she wasn't feeling
well. One minute, two minute, 3 minute, no sound so I went into the bathroom to see what was going
on. The toilet bowl was red as if someone dumped print inside it and the shower curtain was covering
the bathtub. The little shower on the other side had red print all over it too. 'What the heck?'
I said because I felt something cold drip on my head. I looked up and there it was a head. My
dad's head. 'Be a man.' I said trying not to scream or cry. I decided to look under the shower
curtain and there it was my mom with a bullet in her head. 'Hold it together man!' I yelled to
myself. I couldn't believe that this was happening to me. I mean, what did they do?!? They were
social workers, they didn't even drink. I decided after holding my tears back to open the shower
door and when I opened it all I could see was a tear after tear just run down my face. Now I knew
what I had to do. I had to call my main man Drift.

Drift said there was only one thing to do, find Bai Bai and kill him but I knew that there was
something better. I had to find his parents and shoot them. What kind of monster could kill my
parents? They helped people. 'Don't worry 'bout this man, I got you, I'll get my g Jaime to
hook us up. Don't worry.' Drift told me while cleaning his gun. Killing is easy but that's
only if you got no heart. If you got no soul you can shoot someone in the face and smile, cut them
up and lick your fingers. After my parent's died I became a man, I became what I always wanted to
be'A g. A g that had his stuff together a g with a gun between his waist. A real man.

I drove up to Bai Bai's parent's house with Drift. 'Let's do this.' I said when we walked
up to the door and opened it. 'Get up! Everybody!' Drift commanded the couple as if he had been
doing this for years. 'What's going on hear?' said Mr. B holding a baby in his hand. 'I'll
kill that little sucker too, now get the heck up!' 'Please I'll give you money, cars toys.
What do you want?' At that moment it became clear what I wanted. 'I WANT MY PARENT'S BACK, BUT
I AIN'T GETTIN' THEM BACK NOW AM I?' I said with anger. I was so angry. All I could hear was
crying and then nothing. 'We gotta get out of here man! Come on!' Drift yelled running out the
house socked in fear. 'Forget you man, you better find your own way to your base.' I couldn't
just shoot and go; I had to finish the job. I had to. I looked at Mrs. and Mr. B, they looked just
like my parent's did. They looked dead. It was that moment I realized that the game wasn't full
with men; it was filled with boys who played with toys that kill. The game was dead. I was the game.

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